Redmi Note 10 Pro Disassembly / Teardown | Processor | Battery | Motherboard | Redmi Note 10 Pro

ESC Baig

ESC Baig

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LIKE- SHARE- and SUBSCRIBE Our Channel For More Videos and Your Support.. Thank You..... Redmi Note 10 Pro Reassembly 🤍 Redmi 10 Prime Disassembly / Teardown 🤍 Hi.Friends This Video Shows full disassembly of Redmi Note 10 Pro. Redmi Note 10 Pro and Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Same Process for Disassembly .This Video Useful for changing Redmi Note 10 Pro Battery , Back Panel , Fingerprint Sensor , Charging board, Ringer, Speaker ,Motherboard etc....Please Watch Full Video and Comment Your Opinion on This Video..Thank You..(( Please Watch Full Video )) Warning: Teardown will void your warranty so if you are planning to do the same on your device, keep that in mind. Video Shortcuts... Redmi Note 10 Pro Opining Back Panel 00:45 Redmi Note 10 Pro Back Door 03:10 Redmi Note 10 Pro Middle Frame 04:20 Redmi Note 10 Pro Fingerprint Sensor 05:25 Redmi Note 10 Pro Battery 06:10 Redmi Note 10 Pro Quad Cameras 07:55 Redmi Note 10 Pro Motherboard 09:10 Redmi Note 10 Pro Processor 10:10 Redmi Note 10 Pro Internal Volume & Power Button 10:30 Redmi Note 10 Pro Ear speaker 10:35 Redmi Note 10 Pro Ringer 11:05 Redmi Note 10 Mic 11:58 Redmi Note 10 Charging Pin 11:58 Redmi Note 10 Headphone Socket 09:36 Redmi Note 10 Pro SUB Board 11:15 Our Latest Videos ...Watch Now.. ....... Redmi 10 Prime Disassembly / Teardown 🤍 Redmi Note 10 Disassembly / Teardown 🤍 Samsung M12 Disassembly / Teadrdown 🤍 Realme Narzo 3A Disassembly / Teardown 🤍 Realme 7 Full Disassembly / Teardown 🤍 Redmi Note 9 Pro Teardown / Disassembly 🤍 Redmi Note 8 Pro Teardown 🤍 Realme C11,C12,C15,Narzo 20,Narzo 30A Camera Glass lens Replacement 🤍 Realme C15 / Narzo 20 Disassembly 🤍 Infinix Hot 10 Full Disassembly /Teardown Video 🤍 Realme C11 Disassembly / Teardown 🤍 Redmi 9 Prime Disassembly 🤍 Infinix Hot 9 Full Disassembly / Teardown 🤍 Realme Narzo 10A Full Disassembly /Teardown Video 🤍 Realme C3 Full Disassembly / Teardown 🤍 Redmi Note 8 Pro Teardown 🤍 Repair Tools.....................(affiliate) E8000 50 ml Adhesive Glue 🤍 Screwdriver Set Multi Pocket Repair Tool Kit 🤍 🤍 Opening Metal Pry Tool Repair Kit 🤍 🤍 3 in 1 SMD Rework Station with Micro Soldering iron and Battery booster 🤍 Hot Air Gun Soldering SMD Rework Station 🤍 Screwdriver Set Multi Pocket Repair Tool Kit 🤍 heavy duty spudger tool and Cell Phone Screwdriver Set Repair Opening Tool Kit 🤍 Hi Friends ..Please Take Care of model , colour , size ..etc before Purchasing any item in online..thank you ............................................................ Redmi Note 10 Pro Disassembly Redmi Note 10 Pro Teardown Redmi Note 10 Pro Processor Redmi Note 10 Pro Battery Redmi Note 10 Pro Motherboard Redmi Note 10 Pro All Internal Parts Redmi Note 10 Pro Battery Replacement Redmi Note 10 Pro Charging Board Repair Redmi Note 10 Pro

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Redmi Note 10 Pro Disassembly / Teardown | Processor | Battery | Motherboard | Redmi Note 10 Pro
Redmi Note 10 Pro Disassembly / Teardown | Processor | Battery | Motherboard | Redmi Note 10 Pro
Redmi Note 10 Pro Disassembly / Teardown | Processor | Battery | Motherboard | Redmi Note 10 Pro
Redmi Note 10 Pro Disassembly / Teardown | Processor | Battery | Motherboard | Redmi Note 10 Pro
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Masadur Rahman
2023-08-23 19:28:53

Bhai mera redmi Note 10 Pro mex me battery charge ka imoji Dekha raha hai But charge store Nahin ho raha hai kya karne se tik hogaa bhai please bataiye😢😢

2023-08-12 12:56:42

Bhai motherboard mil jayega kya

Ankita Naik
2023-07-25 15:03:00

Can i sent my phone to repairing. I have same model and after update phone is dead

2023-07-11 13:02:53

Nice bro. I'm appreciate it. I have one doubt the redmi note 10 pro max have any liquid cooling?

Thị Phương Vũ
2023-06-27 13:10:33

Cho mình xin địa chỉ cửa hàng

Charlie Rex
2023-06-21 01:06:36

Is Redmi note 10 pro battery BN53 or BN59

AR Gaming
2023-06-12 17:49:00

Redmi note 10 pro doesn't have OIS
I also using the same mobile

Mohd Taukir
2023-06-09 18:05:13

You give me suggestions

Mohd Taukir
2023-06-09 18:04:32

Please reply sir

Mohd Taukir
2023-06-09 18:02:37

Redmi note 10 Pro is a very bad phone
It is not working all parts just like camera, fingerprint, sounds, it's totally bad phone after by 1 year

Jay P
2023-05-20 23:44:45

Main cam lens for M2101K6G model should be 108MP

2023-05-20 13:59:58

Thanks for knowledgeable video

Hasan Khan
2023-05-15 02:48:53

Vai aitar madar bot koi pabo kaw jan le plz jana ben 🥺

Laura T
2023-05-02 11:57:02

Just want to say thanks, and to warn others, for pointing out that you need to be careful taking the back cover off around the power and volume buttons because that gold finger print ribbon WILL get ripped. I watched another video when I was trying to fix my smashed camera lense and the other video gave absolutely no warning about this ridiculously exposed and stupidly positioned gold ribbon, hence my camera lense replacement turned into a fingerprint sensor replacement, hence how I found this video. Ironically, the video I watched for the camera lense replacement wasn't even for the Note 10 PRO, it was for the Note 10, and for the Note 10 Pro, you don't even need to remove the back off the phone to replace the camera lense, so I ended up severing the fingerprint sensor for no reason. The back is fairly hard to get off and this ribbon is right where you drag your tool around the edge so it's almost inevitable you'll butcher it - my advice is to leave that but til last, and go around all the other edges, then pull that last bit apart manually and gently. In terms of the fingerprint sensor, what a horrible job. This video is brilliant but also doesn't show how hard it is to get an entry point for getting the middle casing off, which I found to be really difficult and I was waiting for a screen smash tbh. Furthermore, I don't know why, but my middle casing wouldn't come off entirety. Something was causing it to be stuck down to the right hand side of the camera so although all the edges were free, it wouldn't pull off due to being stuck by something in the top middle (yes, all screws were removed). I really tried to remove it but it snapped the plastic at the top between what looks like the speaker holes. So something important was obviously holding it down and I didn't fancy totalling my whole phone so I tried to fit the fingerprint sensor by leaving the middle casing on and pulling it up. This took 3 hours of continuous trial and error, and took years off my life. This thing needs full access and even then, it looked pretty fiddly in the video, so multiply that roughly by 4 million and you've got an idea how near impossible this was was the middle casing still attached. By some miracle, I got the button in, so I taped it in to it's hole to keep it secure and got to work on pushing its miniscule holding clips (one of which has the offending gold ribbon with it, more opportunities to mangle it again!) behind the miniscule plastic housing. A toothpick and tweezers and The Lord are essential. Next job, getting the chip into it's housing. Hahaha, its housing is underneath the part that needs to come off with the middle, which is the part which seems to be stuck down by something immovable. Basically it's like threading a needle and sewing a button in the dark. You manage to lift it by about 5mm and hit and hope for a couple of hours before you all of a sudden feel a small click and freeze in fear of budging it off again with your hands which have now been trembling for half a day of your life. Retreat at the speed of a snail and.reconstruct. Tldr; the camera lense can be replaced easily and without removing the back cover. If you remove the back cover for any reason, you almost certainly will cut the finger print sensor. The middle casing doesn't come off.

Budak Cikal
2023-04-25 20:07:28

Watching on redmi note 10 pro .... 2023

Yassine Akerzoul
2023-03-20 16:57:45

Hello sir i have like this phone redmi note 10 pro but i have a sound near to the camera and in camera when i tap the back with fingers it's normal or no thank

Babli Sharma
2023-03-14 10:31:11

Watching for note 10 pro

2023-03-12 08:42:44

hey is there ois in camera

vlogger Dhanbad (Rohit)
2023-03-09 14:10:08

Mujhe redmi note 10 pro ka dead phone chahiye

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