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"autopilot" by bli | Geometry Dash 2.11


It's not too often you see banger Auto levels these days, but this is definitely one of them. I've been loving bli's recent works, and this is no different. He's really got his style down now. The way he builds designs and art in general is very distinctive, using many round shapes and a nice color palette. Not only that, but the way he implements movements and minor effects into his levels make for some incredibly dynamic gameplay. Of course, this doesn't have any actual gameplay as it's an Auto level. However, I appreciate that we can actually see the icon for most of the level. Most Auto levels tend to hide it completely from start to finish, focusing more on the art and story without the icon instead. That's not a bad thing when done well, but I do miss the more "oldschool" Auto levels where the icon was always visible. Obviously, this has a consistent theme and color scheme throughout, which has been a key part of the bli levels I've played. It makes everything fit so nicely together, making for a cohesive level overall. That wouldn't be as good if the quality wasn't consistent, but that's no problem in bli's case. Also, while the theme and color scheme stays consistent throughout, what's happening on screen has clear progression. Here, you're launched into space through a spaceship, passing a number of planets on your way, and you eventually end up in a literal UFO. Not long after, though, you crash into a planet in 0:42 and the adventure ends soon thereafter. In other words, the level's visuals are never boring, which is a necessity when making an Auto level (since it doesn't have any gameplay). My only complaint about this level is that it's a bit short, coming in at 0:54, and that's more of me being greedy really. I'd love to see bli keep up this quality a little longer. However, I understand that making a level this good takes very long, and he probably has a bunch of other projects to work on as well. All in all, this will definitely get an Epic rating and a high place on the Featured list. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: autopilot by bli ID: 86293083 Music: Empyrean by meganeko 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #art

"e^x" by FGHJapan | Geometry Dash 2.11


I was very close to writing a full-blown review in this description, but considering the dark mode switch at 0:04, I figured I should check if this was submitted to the Discord Gauntlet Contest. There isn't any mention of it being for the contest anywhere in the level or FGHJapan's video, so I guessed it may not be. I'm glad I checked the responses on the form, because this is definitely in there. Sneaky. It does make sense considering how obvious the toggle is (and what it does). If I wrote a review for this, it'd give FGHJapan a bit of an unfair advantage considering he could fix it up before the deadline. As such, I won't be giving any feedback in this description. I'm happy to see more cool entries for the contest, though, and I'm excited to see more. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: e To The Power Of x by FGHJapan ID: 86079331 Music: Reverie by EspiDev 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #modern

Viprin Dethroned after 7 years


In this video, I checked out YunHaseu's most recent levels, as they have become the most recent top 1 creator in Geometry Dash, with 282 Creator Points, surpassing Viprin's gigantic 281 count. This is insane. I discussed the leaderboards themselves in this video too :) MERCH: 🤍 Wulzy VODs: This channel will sometimes upload a few uncut streams and videos that I wish to share publicly :) 🤍 🤍Wulzy Clips Discord Server | 🤍 Twitch | 🤍 Twitter | 🤍 Instagram | 🤍

"Peaceful" (Demon) by Small & Zylenox | Geometry Dash 2.11


Warning: This video is not intended for children. For 20K subscribers, Zylenox went ahead and finished Peaceful by Small. It's really nice to see the last parts decorated. This means that the level is even more laggy than Small's version, and it also has that much more trypophobia parts. Zylenox's part starts at 1:21 and goes to the end. I think he did a pretty good job of making his part fit in with the rest of the level, even though I'd say the art is a bit more detailed than Small's. This level was speedhacked to get smoother footage. Even on my new PC, I'm not able to play this without insane lag at the scary part. I did show Peaceful by Small to RobTop a few weeks ago, and he said it was really cool, but that it couldn't be rated. Understandably so, I'd say. He felt that it went a bit too dark for Geometry Dash, considering the amount of young players in the game, and that it's also way too laggy. Naturally, the developer of the game doesn't wanna promote something like this, as it could cause mad parents to contact him, which he's talked about before. ★ Become a Sponsor of my channel today for special perks! Click the button next to "Subscribe" or use this link: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: Peaceful by Small and Zylenox ID: 59919444 Music: Mope Mope by LeaF 🤍 - OTHER - Discord server: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Social media: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #art

"Quaoar" (Extreme Demon) by Viprin, Xender Game, DavJT & more | Geometry Dash 2.11


Warning: This video has rapidly flashing lights that may not be suitable for all audiences. It took a lot longer than originally planned, but Quaoar is finally done! While I say that, there's still playtesting and LDM left, but it's pretty much done. There's no more parts left to be built at least. Speaking of playtesting, if any of my friends wish to help out for that, you can send me a direct message to let me know. Overall, I'd say I'm really happy with the finished product, at least visually. I didn't give the creators much direction besides what colors to use. For the drop, I wanted them to use rainbow colors along with white to match the intensity, while parts before and after this were to use rainbow colors with dark gray or black. Of course, I got pretty much only design and effect creators, with the latter concentrated around the drop to take advantage of their skills. I'd say everyone did a great job. I'd also like to give a special thanks to Floppy who merged the level, as well as making a lot of changes here and there to make it all flow nicely. Hopefully the level will also be enjoyable for people to play as well. It will hopefully be an easier Extreme Demon. Look forward to AeonAir verifying this on his Twitch in the next weeks. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Floppy: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: Quaoar by EnZore, Buragoz, Masu, ZeroSR, DavJT, StarkyTheSalad, Convie, ViPriN, BelonziK, FerdeFunky, Goose, Scrumpy, OpteX, Marwec, Koolboom, Xender Game, victorinoxX, flash, Rafer, Bianox, Jenkins, KWMS, Cirtrax, GeoGamer12, Licen00, Reunomi and Floppy ID: 80177488 Music: Quaoar by Camellia 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 #design #effect

World Gauntlet Contest Results | Geometry Dash


Update: We're increasing the amount of levels being put into Gauntlets in 2.2. More information here: 🤍 There was so many great entries to this contest, which was unexpected for me even just a week before the deadline. Seeing all those amazing levels drop just a day or even just a few minutes before the deadline was fun. Thanks to all the creators who entered the contest. Over half of the levels have been rated, and RobTop and I decided that we needed to put not just 5 levels into a Gauntlet, but the entire Top 10. The Universe Gauntlet will be added in addition to the World Gauntlet in 2.2. Even with double the levels getting in, we still could have made another one with some great levels, which just goes to show how nicely this contest turned out. It's worth noting that they won't be split between 1st to 5th and 6th to 10th, but rather by difficulty. The 5 easiest levels will be put into the World Gauntlet, while the 5 hardest will be put into the Universe Gauntlet. - CONTEST INFO - All of the Top 10 has received an Epic rating, and all of them will have a space in the World or Universe Gauntlet in 2.2. Judged by Viprin, RobTop, Pauze, SirHadoken, Ryder, Prism, mbed, kr1t, Dominus, Juniper and Floppy. Honorable mentions (in order): BISMARCK by Inex and more Xin Chao by Magpipe and more Lutetia by LaserSword33 and more PABRIK by R4NGER and more Great White North by Whirl and more Mil Noches by IZHAR and more ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Edited by GaidenHertuny: 🤍 Music: Worlds by Creo: 🤍 Thundering Typhoons by Teminite: 🤍 Hot Fizz by Teminite: 🤍 MOAI by Exyl: 🤍 - OTHER - Discord server: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Social media: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 #geometrydash #contest



VIPRIN - САМЫЙ ВАЖНЫЙ ИГРОК В GEOMETRY DASH | ИСТОРИЯ ИГРОКОВ в Geometry Dash Привет! В этом видео я рассказываю про Виприна (Viprin). Этот человек изменил всю geometry dash своими уровнями и активностями в комьюнити! Надеюсь получилось интересно :) За материалы из видео спасибо вот этим людям: Neiro - 🤍 и Done - 🤍 Вы крутые! Продолжайте и дальше делать отличные шоукейсы :) With best wishes, Signy

GeoStorm Plays Bloodbath | Geometry Dash



Creator Battles: EVW vs. Juniper (Highlights) | Geometry Dash


Here's the highlights from the epic showdown between two great creators, EricVanWilderman and Juniper. I don't think you'll be able to handle their insane creating skills. This one was edited by HJfod, who did an amazing job. Special thanks to him. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO – Edited by HJfod: 🤍 Commentated by me and Pan: 🤍 Originally streamed on Twitch: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 #creatorbattles #evw #juniper

COMPLETING 50 Viprin levels in 3 HOURS! (VIPRIN CHALLENGE) | Geometry Dash


About couple weeks ago, viprin challenged me to beat his 50 levels in 3 hours... so it's time to guess who will be winner? (Live stream Highlights 20.04.22) Hope you guys like & enjoy the video! :) 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 ::::::CHECK OUT OTHER STUFFS!:::::: 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 My Official Discord Server! ▶ 🤍 How to join DoraClub? ▶ 🤍 Outro song ▶ 🤍 My Texture Pack ▶ 🤍 #GeometryDash #Dorami #ViprinChallenge

GD Youtuber Levels (Partition, EVW, ViPriN, Juniper) l Geometry dash 2.11


Partition by greenwater EricVanWilderman by Awzer ViPriN by BlowMyPooh Juniper by LakeIverson #Geometrydash #Mulpan Geometrydash/Geometry dash 2.11/Geometry dash 2.113/Gamplay/Fun/Effect/Design

"ViPriN" by BlowMyPooh | Geometry Dash 2.11


At 0:29 the lyrics are "It was a nightmare," and depending on who you ask, that may fit the level very well. As you quickly notice, a lot of things in this are copypasted, and not just the block designs. The level repeats every 8 seconds or so in terms of gameplay, but the background changes to different Viprin cat emotes. These can be found in my Discord server if you're unfamiliar with them. I think BlowMyPooh did quite well on this in terms of visuals. When I uploaded Samifying, I said the block designs didn't really match the level's theme, but they certainly fit the Viprin theme in this. That being said, I think he took the joke a bit too far by repeating the gameplay. Still a cool level, though. ★ Become a Sponsor of my channel today for special perks! Click the button next to "Subscribe" or use this link: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: ViPriN by BlowMyPooh ID: 60995877 Music: Nightmare by AddBad 🤍 - OTHER - Discord server: 🤍 Livestreams: 🤍 Social media: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #art #viprin

What if ViPriN made RETRAY?


viprin + paste this geometry dash video is heavily inspired by xKaii: 🤍 ViPriN ReTraY notice something?

"LIMBO" (Extreme Demon) by MindCap, Jenkins, Goose & more | Geometry Dash 2.11


MindCap asked me if I wanted to showcase LIMBO on the channel, and I mean, it's not like this really needs any help getting exposure, but it's still such a good level that I couldn't really reject. A lot of people are asking me to showcase their levels recently. It seems like it's because they want to read my thoughts, which I think is nice. I'm glad people like reading these descriptions. Obviously, this is way beyond my skill level, so it's a bit funny that the showcase uses my icons. Typically, I try to avoid that so that nobody misunderstands and think I actually beat the level being shown, but hopefully this is hard enough that it's obviously not. I didn't want to ask them to rerecord another showcase without my icons; this seems like a big pain to record for a showcase, even with most hacks. Special thanks to Aerma for that by the way. The level starts off with a very cool part featuring visuals by Juhou and gameplay by Findexi. It immediately sets the tone with what's to come, both visually and in terms of gameplay. What's seen in this part can be applied to the majority of the level. Style-wise, it's rooted in design but featuring some small effects, and the colors are darker shades of purple, blue, and green. The gameplay is, as everyone should know, memory, but it's far more unique memory than most levels I've seen, if not just the most unique period. More on that later. Mentioning the creators of the first part earlier on was on purpose; there's a bunch of older creators in this, and I think it works extremely well for the choice of style and gameplay this went with. Memory gameplay was far more popular back when these creators were actively creating, so who's better than them to build in a memory gameplay? Of course, there are a bunch of new creators mixed in too, and they all did a good job. MindCap did a great job selecting the team for this, which is clear in how good the level turned out overall. What I said about the colors stays consistent for the majority of the level. It's mostly purple and blue, which are my personal favorite colors, and I think they're mixed very well. There are a few parts that stand out a bit in terms of style, such as Jeyzor's at 1:00. The same color scheme is used, though, and the gameplay remains memory, which keeps it connected enough to the rest to me. It's impossible to get this amount of creators and have them all create in the exact same style, and it would also just be very boring. Aside from keeping styles consistent, another difficulty of making megacollabs is keeping the quality itself consistent, which is probably of more importance. I'd say this does a good job at that, at least visually. There are definitely a few parts that are a bit boring and could have used some more effects or just better designs, but that's to be expected in a megacollab. While I do appreciate the nostalgia of some of the more oldschool design parts, these are the ones I like less personally. The more modern parts with effects added, such as flash and Goose are my personal favorites, but that may just be me. Nevertheless, the level of consistency here is still far above what you see in most megacollabs. Something I can't comment on is the consistency of the gameplay or rather just the gameplay in general. I suspect few people will be able to as this will end up very high on the Demonlist. From what I can see of recent additions to the top of the list, this outclasses them in visual quality at least, and it's also just cool to see a memory level on there. I'm sure there have been many playtesters involved, making this as good as possible for this final version. Without playing it and considering the enjoyability, it should at least be clear and obvious to everyone that this level's gameplay is very unique. There are some incredibly cool ideas in this, and I have to applaud the creators for executing them this well. It's especially awesome how good the visuals work with the gameplay in the parts that have each made by separate people. For an example of unique gameplay, the best one is definitely the last part, starting at around 2:50. This is also where it starts diverging from the aforementioned color scheme, becoming more red and then orange, which I find fitting for the big climax of the level. How the part works speaks for itself. Unfortunately, I've run out of characters, so I'll just say this: Epic. - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Aerma: 🤍 Level: LIMBO by Findexi, Juhou, lumpy, Failure444, th31, LIEB, Pennutoh, vismuth, Jenkins, ISariaI, Jeyzor, Goose, Ryder, KrmaL, flash, Stormfly, ZephiroX, SleyGD, StepX, KWMS, para, Th04, Giron, lTemp, Surv, nyab, weoweoteo, pocke, Evasium622, PokeChatt, crohn44, MindCap, Djoxy, matty2003, CuLuC and GrenadeofTacos ID: 86084399 Music: Isolation by NightHawk22 🤍 - OTHER - Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 #design #effect

"Yatagarasu" (Extreme Demon) by Viprin, Michigun, FunnyGame & more | Geometry Dash 2.0


This is the final old megacollab of mine that I'll be showcasing on the channel, and I think it's nice to end it off with Yatagarasu. It stands out from my other projects in a few ways. First of all, I'm not sure if everyone is aware that I hosted this. It's pretty much the only time I hosted a megacollab and let someone else upload it. 2.0 were different times, and it was normal for the verifier to upload the level in-game too. I can't say I don't regret that decision now. Putting so much effort into hosting a megacollab, only for the verifier to get both the video upload and the upload in-game, just isn't really worth it. While hosting a megacollab was never really about some kinda reward for me, the numbers do speak for themselves. The video has 3M views, and would easily be my top video in views. Of course, I agree that the verifier should get the upload on YouTube for taking the time to verify, but I definitely think someone involved creatively should upload in-game. That's what Creator Points are for after all. Doing a similar comparison as I did with the video just now, we can look at this level's downloads. It has 16M downloads in Geometry Dash. To put things into perspective, the most downloaded level on my account, out of over 130 levels, has 6M downloads. This project that I put so much effort into, only to let someone else upload it, easily beats all my levels with over 10M more downloads. With the amount of big levels being produced these days, it's pretty much impossible to garner the amount of hype as Yatagarasu did back in the day. There were way less big megacollabs being made then, and this was very hype. With that in mind, I kinda have to give up on ever hosting anything as popular as this ever again, so of course I regret that it isn't on my account now. Now, onto the actual creating process of this, it's kinda hard for me to recall since it's been so long. It's nearly been 6 years since it was finished, so it's over 6 years since it was started. I remember that it started out with Michigun, Riot, weoweoteo, and I wanting to make a sequel to Bloodbath that was even better. Riot and weoweoteo quickly got inactive, so I picked creators and merged everything with Michigun helping out. I also made both the first and last part, 0:00 to 0:08 and 2:45 to 2:55, including the Yatagarasu art featured in them. These were both completely traced from art I found online, and the process of tracing them was streamed on Twitch for about 100-200 viewers. It's kinda funny how nobody batted an eye about tracing art back then. The community has matured a lot since then as most agree that this is wrong. Of course, I think so too. If the original creator of either art have a problem with their art being in the level, I think we should remove them, but I haven't heard anything since its release. The level took a while to be completed, at least for how levels were made back then, and I remember we went through several creators for some time slots. However, I have to say that I'm quite satisfied with the final lineup and result. It's cool how many classic creators are in this, especially Korean ones. This is probably the biggest megacollab of both Western and Korean creators to date, and I'm not sure that will happen ever again. Many of these creators have already quit many years ago. As for the verification process, this was originally supposed to be verified by Riot for his early involvement in the project, as well as it being a sequel to Bloodbath. However, I don't think he tried much before it was moved onto Surv, who did stream it quite a bit before giving up as well. Finally, TrusTa was next, and after many streams and some nerfs, he verified it. I'm glad it helped him get so much fame and attention because he's a really cool guy and he deserved it for his efforts. For my future megacollab projects, I'll definitely be looking to pick different verifiers for my projects to help them grow. Anyway, thank you for reading (and watching) this. I hope the uploads of my old projects weren't too bad to watch. From now on, we'll be back to normal uploads with new levels. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Floppy: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.0) Level: Yatagarasu by Viprin, LmAnubis, Rustam, Jeyzor, WOOGI1411, Findexi, Rek3dge, weoweoteo, stellameoww, AbstractDark, Giron, Aeidux, xcy7, Vermillion, Zelda, Michigun, Luneth, Hinds, Evasium622, loogiah, csx42, FunnyGame, Riot and TrusTa ID: 28220417 Music: Flawless Wings of Yatagarasu by Gls 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #design

(Extreme Demon) ''SubSonic'' 100% by Viprin & More | Geometry Dash


Sonic series finally done, one of the most requested extremes ever. The learning process was really fun but from 0% It's something else. First half is very consistent but after that it's all about nerve control, which I'm not very good at and caused me around 5-10 deaths at the last dual. Think this took me around 3 or 4 days to do this playing 5 hours everyday, with about 5-6k attempts, I don't really keep track of level stats lol. GG :)

"Hall of Mirrors" by RNBW | Geometry Dash 2.11


RNBW is a creator I've been checking out works by from time to time. They have been making great modern levels for many years now, but they always lacked that little extra to stand out fully to me personally. Admittedly, I haven't paid too close attention in recent times, so I may have missed some bangers. Let me know if you think I have. This, however, has that little extra that I've been missing in RNBW's levels. While it still has that polished modern look, there's also a bunch of cool effects that make it stand out even more. The effects really make the difference to me. It's not just background effects either, but it's also seen in the foreground. The foreground effects are all based on reflection, and, by extension, some parallax, which explains the level name perfectly. This really feels like a "hall" of mirrors. Having a concept like this featured throughout the level gives it a subtle theme that it wouldn't have otherwise. This makes me like this way more than previous RNBW's works I've seen. From the ones I've seen, this is definitely my favorite work by them thus far. There isn't anything in particular to comment on gameplay-wise. It's a rather slow level from start to finish, which fits the song just fine. There aren't any parts that stand out in a particular good or a bad way. It's just consistent, decent gameplay throughout, and that's not a bad thing at all. I'd much rather have that than a level with some inconsistencies in difficulty. With the awesome visuals in mind, I think this deserves an Epic rating, and it will probably be 5 Stars. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: Hall of Mirrors by RNBW ID: 86185685 Music: vague by kziki 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #modern #effect

"Overtime" (Extreme Demon) by N3moProd, KlaurosssS, Ellisha & more | Geometry Dash 2.11


It's only been a few months since I showcased an effect collaboration, Turbo Overdrive, by N3moProd and Ellisha. For Overtime, the team is much bigger. The base of the level was created over just 2 days of swapping, but N3moProd and KlaurosssS have been reworking it for over a month, making this the result. You can see the result from swapping on N3moProd's channel, and it's linked in the pinned comment. Overall, I think this is a really cool effect megacollab. Every part is visually pleasing, featuring effects in the background and/or foreground, and the colors are nice as well. I love the wide variety of colors mixed in parts, both the ones that are mixed together at once, but also from pulses synchronized to the song. It fits the song very well. A lot of the creators in this were also in Lutetia, the French megacollab for the World Gauntlet Contest. This is quite different from that in style, and it's very cool to see these creators execute both styles so well. It's hard to say whether the gameplay will match the visuals' quality, though. This is probably gonna be an Extreme Demon, and it's set to be verified by Dorami. It has had a few playtesters, so hopefully it's been perfected as much as possible. There's also the song to consider, which isn't on Newgrounds, but Airtime has made a suitable replacement song that's on there. Special thanks to Ellisha for reaching out about showcasing and Blueskii for recording this. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Blueskii: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: Overtime by N3moProd, KlaurosssS, LaserSword33, ISSLOL, RetrOHeaD, Airtime15, WaRiox, Ellisha, J i, lAbyssl, Hir0shi, UltraS4, Vyzion and rZary ID: 83825373 Music: Overtime by Cash Cash 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #effect

Discord Gauntlet Contest | Geometry Dash


- CONTEST INFO - Rules: • The level must have 2 different "modes". One of them should be the normal, standard mode, while the other should be optional. Each mode must have different visuals. There must be a way to enable the level's nonstandard mode within the first 5 seconds of the level. Upon enabling it, the rest of the level's visuals should change. Whether you do this with a key, trigger, or in another way is up to you. For an example, check out Blood Sugar by Rafer (🤍 Here, at 0:02, you can enable "Hyper Mode", changing the level's colors from red to rainbow. How the level changes is up to you, so you don't have to limit yourself to only changing the colors like Rafer did. A good example of this is Sightless by Presta (🤍 Here, there are some invisible trigger orbs at the start, which change the visuals of the level almost entirely. The standard mode does have a Ship part that isn't present in the nonstandard mode, but besides that, gameplay is the same. Difficulty doesn't change much between the two, which is important in this contest. You have to make sure difficulty is about the same for both modes. Besides that, you're free to introduce other routes or even parts if you want. Entries will be scored on how originally and nicely this entire concept is executed. The idea comes from Discord and other platforms' "Light" and "Dark" mode, so consider that as you will. • The level can have maximum 2 creators. In other words, you can either work by yourself or get one more person to help you. • The level's difficulty must range from Easy 2* to Easy Demon 10*. Please don't make it harder than that. • The level must be Long or XL. It cannot be shorter than 1 minute. Don't use speed changers to trick the length system. • The level cannot have more than 120K objects. This is to ensure that the level doesn't cause crashes upon playing without LDM. • The level must have a good LDM. It should allow people with poor devices to play the level with negligible lag. If the level isn't really laggy, the LDM can be minimal. The LDM should be good relative to the performance. • The level must use a Newgrounds song. This is to ensure that all players on all devices can download and play with the original song. Deadline: February 15, 2023. Submissions: 🤍 Prizes: • 1st place: $400 • 2nd place: $300 • 3rd place: $200 • 4th place: $150 • 5th place: $100 All of the Top 5 will get Featured or Epic, and will have a place in the Discord Gauntlet in 2.2. - VIDEO INFO - Video by GaidenHertuny: 🤍 Music: Flow by Creo 🤍 Background by Xender Game - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 #geometrydash #contest

"EX" (Extreme Demon) by ILRELL, Xender Game, Reunomi & more | Geometry Dash 2.11


I've been waiting for EX to be released ever since I saw the first preview of it 2 years ago. It had a lot of amazing art creators listed, and the theme was clearly very distinct and unique compared to other themed art levels I had seen. Now, a few years later, the lineup has changed a bit, and the theme has definitely been explored a bit more, but it's still hype to see this finished finally. In terms of detail in both art and glow usage, some parts in this are unparallelled. Some examples are 0:29, 0:51, and 1:13. Sure, some megacollabs have had a part here or there that stands out this much, but that's kinda the story of the majority of this level. I can definitely see why some would find this a bit too detailed at times. Even if you do, though, you have to appreciate the time and effort put into this. The way the huge amount of different details are colored is also insane. Pausing at 0:38, for example, gives a good view of that. The color scheme and art fits perfectly for this level's theme, which is described as a "bioluminescent fantasy forest" by ILRELL. I think everyone involved did a good job with that in mind. As for the gameplay, well, we'll see how it's received once it's out. The entire layout was made by ILRELL, and he says it will probably be on the Extended List. A concern is that the big amount of details could be a distraction when playing, leading to a worse experience, and some people could experience lag as well. This was optimized by LViper, who did the best he could considering the circumstances, so let's hope it's not that bad now. Special thanks to him for providing the footage for this showcase as well. If all goes well, you should see this released in Geometry Dash soon. MrSpaghetti will be verifiying it. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Viper Arctarus: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: EX by ILRELL, EnZore, Sequex, Vulna, Arachnus, GeoGamer12, Sminx, Reunomi, NASHII, Cryst4l, Alchery, Old Space, Miguel135, Odyssey, iZapper, CastriX, Nyctonium, Penttagram, Xender Game, Amora007, Cdpre and LViper ID: - (not out yet) Music: Quaoar by Camellia 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #art

"Artificial Ascent" (Extreme Demon) by Viprin, Etzer, Hinds & more | Geometry Dash 2.0


It wasn't before recently that I started showcasing my megacollabs on the channel. For the majority of them, I've only ever uploaded a preview on the channel, and I let the verifier upload the full videos. Now that it's been so long, I figured it'd be cool to showcase all my projects on the channel. I'll probably be uploading more of them in the next few weeks. Additionally, I'm working on a website called MyDemonList, where the community can score levels on a variety of things. For that, we need very high quality and clean YouTube videos of Extreme Demons without any clicks, intro, or outro, so these will help out. Artificial Ascent was an interesting megacollab. It's the last one that wasn't hosted solely by me. Before this, I had helped host projects such as Yatagarasu, Ultraviolet, and Ultrasonic, which included selecting song and creators, but also merging major parts of them. As you may know, this was originally LmAnubis's project, but it started dying when he went more and more inactive, so he gave it to me when only a few parts were done, which are the ones from around 0:20 to 0:40. It took a while to get creators for the remaining spots and for them to finish creating, but I'm glad it happened. I know a lot of people, especially older ones, really like this level. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Floppy: Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.0) Level: Artificial Ascent by Codex, Manix648, Sanic, Hinds, Zobros, Michigun, Anthrax, ZenthicAlpha, Viprin, Loogiah, wamiq8, nasgubb, AbstractDark, Etzer, GDSpeed, Serponge, G4lvatron and Terron ID: 27122654 Music: Surface by Dimrain47 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #design

"MikuMikuMikuMiku" (Insane Demon) by OddMod {All Coins} | Geometry Dash 2.11


I was not expecting to see Hatsune Miku in Geometry Dash, but here we are. At the very least, I was not expecting to see her in such a good level. This is a very good mix of different styles, synchronized perfectly to a song by Hatsune Miku. Of course, this song is not on Newgrounds, so how well the replacement song fits may affect its rating a little. The song starts off very chill with calm, upbeat instrumental alongside Hatsune Miku's vocals. I'm not a huge fan of vocaloids myself due to how robotic they sound, but that depends on the person. She is the most popular one in the world after all. The visuals are very nice to fit this part of the song, using many bright colors and nice art. There's a blue sky with some other neat background details, and of course there's the flying Hatsune Miku on the right, which changes expressions frequently. This is definitely one of the better inclusions of character art I've seen in Geometry Dash. For one, it's fitting to the song, which isn't always the case in many of the weeb and/or furry levels we've seen in the past. Secondly, it suits the rest of the part in style and doesn't take up too much space. At 0:57, however, the level takes a big turn. The song glitches out, and gets a lot more dramatic and goes way faster. For this, the level changes to more of a combination of design and effect style, which I'd normally find a bit too jarring. Changing styles 1 minute into a level usually makes the level worse as a whole. However, considering how much the song changes, this style change fits perfectly. There's lots of very quick movements here which fits the repeating sound effect in the song. I like all of the block designs, and there's some really cool custom backgrounds, such as at 1:42 and 2:08. Both tie into the start of the level nicely using Hatsune Miku art despite the drastic style change. I do wish some parts here played around a little more with color as it's usually either blue or pink. These are fitting colors for Hatsune Miku, but it could still have made it more interesting to mix in some other colors. OddMod does this in the block design at 2:36, featuring some different colors on the pixels, which looks great. This is probably my favorite part in the level for that reason. As for the gameplay, this is quite a long level with a lot of fast clicks. Floppy found the part with all the gravity changes, starting at 1:18, hardest to do. Special thanks to him for recording this. With everything in mind, this will probably be an Insane Demon. If the actual Newgrounds song works well, I'd honestly say this deserves an Epic rating. OddMod did an amazing job theming this after Hatsune Miku and her song, both visually and gameplay-wise. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Floppy: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: MikuMikuMikuMiku by OddMod ID: 82824219 Music: Atama no Taisou by hapi⇒ (ft. Hatsune Miku) 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #art #effect

Top 1 | Geometry Dash 1.0 ~ 2.11 (2013 ~ 2022)


The top1 History Mask (2014) → Darnoc (2014)→ ZenthicAlpha (2015)→ Viprin (2015 ~ 2022) and now New Moment in 7~8 Years The new top1 creator Yunhaseu14 Credit of Pictures : 🤍 🤍

NEW HARDEST! ~ Digital Descent [EXTREME DEMON] by Viprin and more


Digital Descent is my new hardest completion in Geometry Dash! FINALLY! It's an Extreme Demon megacollab hosted by Viprin, and is the 2nd level in the Technology Trilogy. Completion with clicks ► 🤍 MERCH STORE 🤍 BECOME A MEMBER TO JOIN MY PRIVATE DISCORD 🤍 MY OTHER CHANNEL 🤍 FOLLOW ME Stream ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 #GeometryDash #GD #ExtremeDemon

"The Mainframe" (Extreme Demon) by notlsa | Geometry Dash 2.11


notlsa asked me if I wanted to showcase his new solo level, and I pretty much accepted without even seeing the level. He's done great work on levels uploaded on the channel before, such as Halberd, Nhelv, and Nightshade, so I was confident this would be very good. It's especially cool that it's a solo level as many of his known works are collaborations. According to his video, this is inspired by a level in Ultimate Chicken Horse, which I'm not familiar with at all. If you know, please let me know in the comments what you think about this. That aside, this is just a very cool and unique level to me, both visually and gameplay-wise. There's a bunch of cool effects found throughout the level, and they all help to make the gameplay as confusing as possible. In some of my video descriptions, I complain about a certain effect making a part confusing, but the issue then is that it happens for one part, making it stand out in a frustrating way compared to the rest. In this, it's evident that it was notlsa's intention to make the gameplay this hard, and it's nice to see everything work together for this purpose. As a result, this ends up as a very difficult memory level, and it will be rated Extreme Demon. Special thanks to ryli for providing the recording for this showcase. Aside from the effects, I like how the level sticks to a similar color scheme throughout, using light gray predominantly. Only that would be boring, so mixing in some light shades of other colors, such as red, green, and blue, make it much nicer. I'd like to point out the part at 1:19, simply because it uses puzzle blocks in a nice way. These blocks have to be one of the many blocks in the game that have been used in a nice way the least amount of times overall, so it's nice when creators do it well. This and other designs in the level, as well as the effects, make the level look very unique compared to other memory levels and levels in general. I think it will get an Epic rating. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by ryli: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: The Mainframe by notlsa ID: 86050887 Music: Reas by CV4 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #effect

Freedom - Viprin (me)


Freedom by me! Music by: Multex 🤍 Texture Pack: Unknown 🤍 Intro by: LatiosFox 🤍 Intro song: Artist Name: Sub.Sound - Start Again Video Link: 🤍

Who will SURPASS Viprin?


Sorry for not uploading, I started working on this the day my last video came out. But due to time issues, I couldn't get the voiceover for 3 days. Enjoy I guess :) Commentary playlist 🤍 My server 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 0:15 - Creator #1 1:02 - Creator #2 1:46 - Creator #3 2:43 - Creator #4 3:35 - Outro Cob #cob #geometrydash #commentary

"Erou" (Demon) by JonathanGD | Geometry Dash 2.11


JonathanGD keeps making these really long levels, commonly known as XXL levels. They often end up quite difficult with many of his previous works being Insane or Extreme Demon. It's nice to see another level where that's not the case, like here. I have beaten Biru by JonathanGD before, and I have to say that Erou is noticeably easier. It took me only 2 attempts to beat in Normal mode after a single Practice run. In total, that ended up being 23 attempts. I'm sure RobTop may be generous and give this an Easy Demon rating like it's requested for, but I could honestly see this being a 9 Star level personally. As for the visuals, well, it's about what we've come to expect from JonathanGD. This is definitely not his best work visually, but there's still a lot of highlights. In some ways, I do find this quite consistent compared to his previous works. Some of them had a few parts here and there that dropped a bit in quality. I can remember some random "art" parts that felt a bit out of place and in less quality than the rest. That's not the case here. This sticks to a combination of design and effect, and I think that's a good thing. Every part where the song warrants it features some cool background or foreground effect. I'm sure many will find the Dual at 2:09 most memorable. Some parts are definitely a bit boring despite still being high quality visually. For example, the song calms down pretty much entirely at 2:47, yet there's still a minute left to play, which equals an entire common level these days. Without much happening in the song, there's only so much JonathanGD can do, and despite the block designs, decorations, and custom backgrounds being quite good, it still ends up a bit boring comparatively. I still appreciate that he went the extra mile and made it this long, though, since levels longer than a minute are quite rare. All in all, this is another very nice level by JonathanGD. It's definitely his easiest XXL level, so I recommend you to go try this out yourself. (Unless you have some huge issues with the visuals, which I doubt.) The gameplay is very intuitive and forgiving, making for a fun experience. With the visuals being very good, especially around the hype parts of the song, this will certainly get an Epic Easy Demon rating. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: Erou by JonathanGD ID: 82510517 Music: Veva by 1f1n1ty 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #design #effect

"SubSonic" (Extreme Demon) by Viprin, Terron, TheDevon & more | Geometry Dash 2.1


Today we got yet another megacollab of mine that was never uploaded fully on the channel. Special thanks to Floppy for recording this one too! For this description, I recommend reading the HyperSonic description first as it gives some important context. This came out only about 2 months after that, which is also an incredibly fast creation time for a megacollab. After the poor reception of the prequel in the community, my friends and I wanted to make up for our mistakes. Common complaints such as few creators from Supersonic and UltraSonic, as well as the ColBreakz song being bad, was addressed going from HyperSonic to SubSonic. Ggb0y and Sumsar were added, and most people agree that Speedbreaker by Djjaner is a fitting song for a Sonic level. Quality-wise, I guess this is better than HyperSonic too. There are a few more parts that held up until now, especially Terron, Ggb0y, TheDevon, and PanMan. Of course, I'm only talking about the visuals. I know there are mixed opinions on the gameplay of this. All in all, though, I'd say this is a worthy addition to the series. It's not amazing, but it did what it had to do, and it's crazy to think that it came out only 3 months after 2.1. I think some of the charm of Supersonic and UltraSonic was the update they were made in, being 1.9, which a lot of people feel nostalgic about. With that in mind, I'm not sure if there will ever be more Sonic levels, but who knows? ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Floppy: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.1) Level: HyperSonic by Terron, Ggb0y, xcy7, Evasium622, Dudex, Viprin, Rustam, TheDevon, PanMan, Sumsar and Jeyzor ID: 33387622 Music: Speedbreaker by Djjaner 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #design

"BISMARCK" (Demon) by Inex, iISpaceDustIi, Vertuoz & more | Geometry Dash 2.11


It's nice to finally see another very good entry to the World Gauntlet Contest released. There haven't been too many yet, and there's only about 1 week left before the deadline. However, I know that a handful of teams are still working on some great entries, so I'm sure we'll have at least 5 great entries to put in the World Gauntlet in 2.2. Hopefully there will be closer to 10 entries competing for the spots for some competition. As always, I won't be giving much feedback or opinions on the level in this description as the contest hasn't ended yet. That would allow them to make edits before judging begins. How much the judges and I like this will definitely be clear once the results are out. I'm sure that will Premiere on the channel around September 3 or 4. Good luck to everyone who's entering! ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: BISMARCK by Stalry, Mitany, Inex, CTRX, maleg016, SonyaGMD, iReumii, iISpaceDustIi, Vertuoz, iMinAY, Electro543, PineApple Cat, VanirSama, Stotch, ChefChichiko and YaYmsc ID: 83025300 Music: Ascending by Talurre 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #art

GeoStorm Plays Silent Clubstep | Geometry Dash


GS made history. Not paqoe.

"Nightshade" (Extreme Demon) by YakobNugget, notlsa, ScorchVx & more | Geometry Dash 2.11


3 days ago, YakobNugget suddenly released this huge megacollab out of nowhere. It hasn't had any previews or teasers whatsoever, and the 26 creators in it have kept quiet about it. This is very uncommon for megacollabs these days, and even for levels, as everything is usually hyped up somewhat beforehand. It's definitely cool to see something this big be released so suddenly, and I hope it doesn't affect the level's popularity too much. Maybe it would have gotten way more views on YouTube and downloads in-game if it had been hyped up before. Who knows? Now, onto the level itself, it's quite huge like I mentioned. It's nearly 3 minutes long, and all of the parts are very good in my opinion. Most of them are design and/or effect in style. The mix between these two styles is handled quite well. As for color scheme, there's a lot of different colors used here, but it's overall rather dark. While you could say it's using rainbow colors, there's so much black mixed in, which fits for the level name they went with. In terms of brightness, it's pretty much opposite of something like Quaoar. Speaking of that, there was some gameplay complaints, but mostly a ton of optimization complaints. I'm pretty sure I recall YakobNugget himself commenting about it. Hopefully he's managed to optimize his own megacollab better than mine. Perhaps the most exciting part of this level for some is the gameplay. This is a memory level, which is always nice to see in my opinion. That used to be the main way to make levels difficult back in the day, but it slowly faded away over time. Seeing more megacollabs and just levels in general have memory gameplay is fun for an old player like me. I hope newer players find it cool too. Even if it's not your type of gameplay, you have to admit that it's a nice way to change it up from the usual gameplay focused on skill and only that. I'm sure this also requires a lot of skill in addition to the memory, but you get my point. According to YakobNugget and the playtesters of this, it will probably be around 100th place on the Demonlist. It will be fun to see. With everything in mind, I'm sure this will be an Epic Extreme Demon. Special thanks to YakobNugget and Bradenbowl for contacting and providing me with this footage to showcase on the channel. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Bradenbowl: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: Nightshade by Parallax, James, Toughfey, GrenadeofTacos, Avakai, iNubble, YoReid, notlsa, OliSW, Rawin, overdefo, Lyriaki, RoyalP, Zeptoz, YakobNugget, scowlerxgrasher, Destriv, gradientxd, GDSkele, SleyGD, Whirl, ScorchVx, Loltad, Empika, RNBW and TriStorm ID: 83107375 Music: Space Telecom by WaxTerK 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #design #effect

(Extreme Demon) ''HyperSonic'' 100% by Viprin & More | Geometry Dash


One of the most important levels for me personally and for this channel as well, I still remember all the streams I did when I first attempted to beat this, and to all the people that were there when I did, thank you for going along with me for the ride, and even if you just found out about me through this video, I appreciate each and every one of you. This is another level I've decided to rebeat so I could have a high quality archive of it, though this is a level that already shows it's age but it's still incredibly fun to play in my opinion.

"devin2003" (Insane Demon) by 2003devin | Geometry Dash 2.11


Warning: This video is not intended for children. I've uploaded a couple of 2003devin's levels in the past, and I think they definitely deserve it. Of course, I understand why they're controversial and why they may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think the artistic merit is there for everyone to see. This level in particular is no different. It seems to have a lot of references to his previous works, and considering the length, it kinda feels like the embodiment of 2003devin. The name makes a lot of sense if you think about it that way. Aside from the unique art style and and visual references, I find the gameplay interesting. alika may be my favorite level by 2003devin because of how unique the gameplay is. It's probably the most simple level of his levels too, featuring little decoration and no backgrounds, but some cool and custom mechanical structures and obstacles in the foreground. The gameplay makes up for it, and I think many people agree that it's one of his best as a Geometry Dash level because it's the least "offensive" of his works. 0:44 and 2:29 in this remind me of the visuals of alika, but the unique gameplay elements can be seen throughout the entire level. This does make the level quite difficult, though, so it'll most likely be an Insane Demon. That is if it gets rated, which may not happen. Special thanks to Floppy for recording this for the showcase. (It's worth noting that he beat it in parts and that this video is cut.) It's nice to see 2003devin stick to his style despite how divisive it is, whether it's in the visuals or the gameplay. I always think it's cool to see creators create levels that don't conform to the normal standards in some way, at least when the levels are clearly well-made. 2003devin is a creator that doesn't conform to standards in any shape or form really. His gameplay is weird to play, the visuals are out there, and even the song choices are unconventional. The Newgrounds song for this is way too short for the level, meaning that you kinda have to download the song that isn't available on there if you're gonna play this. With everything in mind, it's clear that he doesn't create for Creator Points at all, and in-game recognition by extension, but rather just for fun and to express himself. It's really cool to me that there are people out there creating levels like this. I don't think this will be rated because of some aforementioned issues, as well as some parts being a bit too graphic, but it's still a cool level to appreciate in video form or to beat if you're a fan. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Recorded by Floppy: 🤍 Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: devin2003 by 2003devin ID: 85699493 Music: Crow Song by sanguinarius 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #art

(Extreme Demon) ''Digital Descent'' 100% by Viprin & More | Geometry Dash


Fun level, though I got pretty lucky by fluking the last 20%. I don't know yet if I will do Cybernetic Crescent since that is miles harder than both, but we'll see. Song: Creo - Carnivores 🤍

"Hubert Jenkins" (Demon) by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo & Kyhros | Geometry Dash 2.11


I have seen some of BoBoBoBoBoBoBo's works in the past, and it was mostly when GeoStorm did our Top 50 Extreme Demons. It seems like they've mainly built in very hard stuff, so it's nice to see a more accessible level. This will be about a Hard Demon according to Floppy. Special thanks to him for recording this for the showcase. This is a collaboration between them and Kyhros. Right from the start, it's clear that this is a good art level. There's a bunch of art in both the background and foreground. The first part establishes a theme that's a bit hard to define. It's got a lot of nature elements in the form of plants, but there's also some warning symbols and lamps. As the level goes on, the theme appears to change even more. Maybe I'm missing out on something, but it doesn't seem to be very cohesive overall. Right now it seems like you're traveling to different places from part to part, but I'm not sure as some parts seem more abstract than others. Let me know if I'm missing something. Every part does look very good on their own, though. The parts alternate between being by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo or Kyhros for the most part, according to the verification's description. I've mostly seen the latter do design style, but there's a lot of good art found throughout this, so I'd say he did a good job. There are a few transitions that I would've liked to be a bit smoother, such as the ones at 0:14 and 0:26. While the latter looks nice visually, I can't imagine it being enjoyable to play with the quick toggles. Not much effort appears to have been put into actually connecting parts together with each other. They're kinda just pasted next to each other with their respective color channels. This, in turn, affects the enjoyability of the gameplay. All in all, though, this is a solid art level by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo and Kyhros with interesting theming. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: Hubert Jenkins by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo and Kyhros ID: 85910990 Music: Goa Codex by Waterflame 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #art



SUSCRÍBETE AQUÍ para no perderte ningún vídeo! 🤍 Sé el primero activando la campanita 🔔 Soy el primero en completar el VIPRIN CHALLENGE, consiste en completar 50 niveles de Viprin en tres horas! (50 viprin levels in 3 hours) 📹 MIS DIRECTOS: 🤍 🔴 Así grabo mis vídeos: 🤍 💎 Rango VIP: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 👕 Tienda Oficial: 🤍 🎮 Mi juego: 🤍 ✉️ Business: contacto🤍 #GeometryDash #GuitarHeroStyles #Gaming - Vídeo creado y subido por GuitarHeroStyles.

"Nivel" by melX0exe, DavJT, NeonDusk & more | Geometry Dash 2.11


The World Gauntlet Contest entries are dropping very fast at the moment. That makes sense considering the deadline is in about 25 hours. I don't think I've uploaded this many videos this fast ever. It's definitely worth it for something like this, though, in my opinion. This is Spain's entry, which is quite different both in style and difficulty compared to the other ones thus far. It's probably around 6 Stars in difficulty. As always, opinions on the level will have to wait until the contest is over and judged. ★ Become a Member of my channel for special perks: 🤍 - VIDEO INFO - Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11) Level: Nivel by NeonDusk, Rawin, melX0exe, 16lord, DavJT, Djman13, AxelionGD and MaxyLAND ID: - (not out yet) Music: g o o d t h i n g by midimachine 🤍 - OTHER - Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Thumbnail by Erdyuri: 🤍 Outro by th31: 🤍 #modern

(Insane Demon) ''Nine CircleX'' 100% by Viprin | Geometry Dash [2.11]


Bad gameplay, I don't recommend this lol

Nine CircleX by Zobros, Viprin, Rustam // THIS IS AN EXTREME DEMON


Nine CircleX is a much harder remake of Nine Circles, both of which were created by Zobros. Zobros made the gameplay for NCX, but then left the game, and gave the level to Viprin and Rustam to decorate. Overall, I really like this! It's very difficult, and I think people underestimate the level, so they get easily frustrated with it. I found the experience to be fairly enjoyable, but I do think it should be an extreme demon. It would be the perfect beginner Nine Circles extreme. NINE CIRCLES RATED CHECKLIST 🤍 MERCH STORE 🤍 BECOME A MEMBER TO JOIN MY PRIVATE DISCORD 🤍 MY OTHER CHANNEL 🤍 FOLLOW ME Stream ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 #GeometryDash #GD

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