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Hidden | Official Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment


In a post-apocalyptic world, a family takes refuge in a fallout shelter to avoid something terrifying and strange that threatens their fragile existence, and is coming for them. Own ‪#‎HiddenMovie‬ on Digital HD 9/15 and on DVD 10/6. 🤍 Follow Hidden on Facebook: 🤍 Connect with Warner Bros. Entertainment Online: Follow Warner Bros. Entertainment INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Like Warner Bros. Entertainment on FACEBOOK: 🤍 Follow Warner Bros. Entertainment TWITTER: 🤍 At Warner Bros. Entertainment, we believe in the power of story. From classics to contemporary masterpieces, explore and watch a library full of extraordinary, stirring, and provocative entertainment that goes beyond the big screen. Subscribe to discover new favorites from the studio that brought you Friends, JOKER, the Conjuring Universe, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. Hidden | Official Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment 🤍 Warner Bros. Entertainment 🤍

02. Hezar (feat. Saman Wilson)


Mehrad Hidden - Zoozanaghe (In collaboration with Moody Moussavi) Producer: Mehrad Hidden Executive Producer: Sina Saeidi Guest Artists: Saman Wilson, Shayea, Mr.D7 and HEEN Written by: Mehrad Hidden, Moody Moussavi Additional Producers: Canis, HEEN Mix and Mastering: Mehrad Hidden, Sina Saeidi and Peyman Tavasoly Distribution & Sales Management: Jafari.Hr Videographer: Amir Reza Amjadi IT Manager: Hamed Gh Artwork Designer: Amir Gmd Record Label: Tenzu Music ‌

Mehrad Hidden Live Performance - Fall 2020


GUITAR IRAN Presents MEHRAD HIDDEN LIVE PERFORMANCE - Fall 2020 Director: HEEN Executive Producer: Jafari HR Producer: Guitar Iran Production manager: HEEN Music Band Guitar Electric: Nima Ramezan Guitar Bass: Arash Saeedi Drums: Borna Shafizadeh Cellist: Parsa Hadi Synthesizer: HEEN Photography Director: Soroosh Oliaei Graphic Designer: Navid Sedaghati Monavar IT Manager: Hamed GH Lighting: Khashayar Nashvi HEEN's Youtube Channel: 🤍 Guitar Iran Youtube Channel: 🤍

Arta - KhodaKooshi (Ft. Mehrad Hidden) | OFFICIAL TRACK


Arta - Khoda Kooshi (Ft. Mehrad Hidden) | ORIGINAL AUDIO آرتا و مهراد - خدا کوشی Beat by: prodkxvi Mastering by: Amir D-va Produced by Arta Artwork by emadbrz Listen On YT Music: 🤍 Listen On Spotify: 🤍 Get On iTunes/AppleMusic: 🤍 Listen On Deezer: 🤍 Buy From Amazon: 🤍 ►Follow Arta Online: Subscribe: 🤍 Playlist: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Lyrics: chi mishe tahe in majera bia nejatemoon bede az daste in ghatela harooz filmaro mibinam geryam band nemiad chera in adamato bebin age man nemiad sedam gofti baramoon az beheshto jahanam chejuri bavar konam chera gheydeto nazanam akhe manke nadidamet faghat esmeto baladam pa ye neshune bede begu behem to aghalan khoda kooshi kole in modat begu koja boodi midoonam tanhayi bejash vali to aroomi takey gharare ke bashe begu ozamoon in khoda kooshi mage nemigofti ke harchishe to bamooni 2x takey gharare ke bashe begu ozamoon in begu ke dorost mishe hamechi inhame sal hichki be dademoon naresid begu inhame adam harooz mimire barechi yeki yeki yeki yeki yeki nooranie in mashale aftabe talayi por range khoon too rage man sorkhabi sharabi man ahle zendegiam aramesh nahayi ja nemishe oghab to ghafas ye ghanari in darodivar mikone adamo ravani az yade man nemire in dorane kazayi kashki mishod ke az kine khoone nasasim kash sedam berese bet alan harjayi khoda kooshi kole in modat begu koja budi midoonam tanhayi bejash vali to aroomi takey gharare ke bashe begu ozamoonnin 🤍Artaa 🤍MehradHidden1 #Arta #MehradHidden #KhodaKooshi



50 HIDDEN SECRETS in DOORS HOTEL+?! With Roblox Doors updating with the HOTEL+ UPDATE, so many secrets are to be found, and we've compiled a list of 50 HIDDEN SECRETS for the new DOORS UPDATE! Be sure to smash that subscribe button for more content! I upload 2-3 videos a week so it will make your life easier if you subscribe and turn notifications on! Enjoy! Play The Game Here: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENT AND VIDEOS: 🤍 Become A Member: 🤍 Follow my Socials! My Roblox Profile: 🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 My Current Gear! My Keyboard: 🤍 My Gaming Mouse: 🤍 My Microphone: 🤍 My Headset: 🤍 Business Email For Sponsorship Inquiries Only: captainjackattack🤍moreyellow.com Fan Email: captainjackattackyt🤍gmail.com Awesome background music from these music providers! Chuki Beats: 🤍 TechnoAxe: 🤍 NCS: 🤍 #Roblox #RobloxDoors #CaptainJackAttack

The Hidden Cry for Help from Selena Gomez. The Internet Is Trying to Save Her.


Selena Gomez, a singer, actress, Disney channel royalty and now the star of her very own documentary. Even though Selena said she was prepared for the public to see the real her… when the internet digs into her history, twists her own words against her and turns on one of her best friends, will Selena still be able to find value in her transparency? Sources: [Media] 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 [Articles] 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 [Music Licenses] Codes: JZZGUY5BJ3KAIAWY, THKYGJ5QZUJPOSHR, BXZ1TYLLITYAVEJW, AH3PDZQX9CIGSYDT, EN7XKOJKW2K7SX7W, 4VJSITJ9LEAIOZBG, WPCXYAWO7OBFU0DZ, JGJHWSXX6E3VTBYD, 8C7MDVL6186E5VM7

TAR Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Cancel Culture And Hidden Ghosts


TAR Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Cancel Culture And Hidden Ghosts. We review, recap and explain the ending of the TAR movie. we breakdown this Oscar nominated Cate Blanchett movie, that is a psychological thriller, following the downfall of a composer due to cancel culture and is haunted by the ghosts of that past #Tar #TarMovie #EndingExplained #MovieReview #Movies #Explained #Trailer #Reaction #TarCateBlanchett #spoilerreview #oscars #oscarnominated #Tar2022 #thingsyoumissed If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel 🤍 If You Want To Help Support The Channel So I Can Make More Videos Like This Please Donate Here: 🤍 Check out our #shorts channel here HEAVY SPOILERS CLIPS - 🤍 Check out our website at 🤍 Get some awesome Heavy Spoilers show clothes, phonecases and accessories at - 🤍 *Check out our BEST new videos below* *The Last Of Us Episode 3 Breakdown* - 🤍 *Scream 6 Trailer Breakdown* - 🤍 *Bad Batch Season S02E05 Breakdown* - 🤍 *Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania Trailer Breakdown* - 🤍 *The Menu Ending Explained* - 🤍 *Glass Onion Breakdown* - 🤍 *Check out our best Shorts videos* *The Menu Hidden Twist* - 🤍 *Troll Ending Explained* - 🤍 *Mantis Clues Explained* - 🤍 /* - SOCIAL MEDIA - */ Follow Us On Social Media At: Website - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Follow our team at - Host Paul - 🤍 Host Jared - 🤍 Editor Steesh - 🤍 Editor Matt - 🤍 /* - VIDEO INFORMATION - */ Alright so with the Oscar nominations being announced about a week ago, Cate Blanchett’s Tar gobbled up a handful of noms, and this isn't your typical dry drama. Nah, this wasn’t marketed well, because this is a psychological drama tense “cancel culture” thriller, so we’re going to be breaking this thing down for you, explaining the ending, some of it’s themes, and why the heck there’s a ghost creeping on Lydia Tar. But with that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, I’m your host Jared, now let’s get into Tar. So Tar follows Cate Blanchett’s Lydia Tar, essentially being at the top of her game. An accomplished composer, pianist, musicologist, and the first female chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. We see her relishing in these accomplishments, being interviewed at The New Yorker Festival, promoting a handful of projects. Two noteworthy ones are her new book, Tar on Tar, which just screams that Obama awarding himself with a medal meme, and her upcoming live recording of Mahler’s (Mall-ler) Fifth Symphony. However, with this level of fame and expertise, we soon learn Lydia may have a bit more of a dark side/past to her. Sure being a bit demanding when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of her staff for the upcoming Symphony, but very much badgers one of her BIPOC pangender students about their influences in composers, urging them to focus on their art, rather than the transgressions they may or may not have committed in their personal lives.

Hidden (ft. Will Reagan) - Official Video


Listen the rest of the album here 🤍 Subscribe to our channel for more videos All Simple Gospel videos: 🤍 Follow United Pursuit 🤍 🤍 🤍 Tour Dates: 🤍 Official merch store: 🤍 Official lyrics, chord charts, thoughts, blogs, videos: 🤍 "There was one when I was young Who knew my heart He knew my sorrow He held my hand And he lead me to trust him Now I am hidden In the safety of your love I trust your heart and your intentions Trust you completely I’m listening intently You’ll guide me through these many shadows As I grow And as I change May I love you more deeply I will lean upon your grace I will weep because your goodness is unending. You are my vision My reason for living Your kindness leads me to repentance I can’t explain it This sweet assurance But I’ve never known this kind of friend I can’t explain it This sweet assurance But I’ve never known this kind of friend The sun, moon, and stars Shout your name They give you reverence And I will do the same With all my heart I give you glory The sun, moon, and stars Shout your name They give you reverence And I will do the same With all my heart I give you glory I want to seek you first I want to love you more I want to give you the honor you deserve So I bow before you I am overcome by the beauty of this perfect love."

Hidden Truths Behind the USD and What's Next in the Economy


Are you looking for ways to protect your wealth during these uncertain times? Our expert Gold & Silver analysts have 27+ years of experience and can help you develop customized strategies to safeguard your assets. You can schedule a FREE strategy call through this link: 🤍 or by calling 877-410-1414. 🆓 Get a FREE guide on how to buy gold and silver: 🤍 🗣 When it comes to the economy and what's about to happen to not just the US dollar but the entire global fiat monetary system. You're either well-researched and many of your friends and family think you're crazy or you're just starting your research and you're not even convinced that there is a major problem yet. I mean, gosh, we've had problems before. Haven't they always gotten through it? This is the video that shows you the truth of where we are from, their own data, what brought us here, and the next most likely outcomes, which could absolutely make or break your financial future. Coming up, 📖 Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 1:27 The Four Pillars of Money 3:47 Central Bank Tool Kit 10:46 Ownership Equals Wealth 13:24 Reg D 14:36 Bail Ins 18:04 Speculative Derivatives 23:40 Governments Have a Plan 32:03 Original Functions of Money 35:56 What Share for Gold? 38:34 Wrap Up 🔗 To see Lynette's slides, research links or questions from this video: 👋 STAY IN TOUCH WITH US ⬇️ 🔔Subscribe for critical info, strategies, and updates: 🤍 🟩 Schedule a Strategy Session: 877-410-1414 🟩 Email us at services🤍itmtrading.com 🟩 Official Homepage 🤍itmtrading.com 🟩 Videos & Research 🤍ITMTrading.com/Blog 🟩 Listen On The Go: 🤍 🟩 ITM's Twitter: 🤍 🟩 Lynette's Twitter: 🤍 🟩 Facebook: 🤍 ⭐️ FOLLOW OUR OTHER CHANNEL: Beyond Gold & Silver ➡️ 🤍 🚨 BEWARE OF SCAMMERS 🚨 Accounts are impersonating ITM Trading in the comments. Our comments will have a distinguishable verified symbol. Please beware, we will never message you asking you to give us money or talk to us on other platforms such as WhatsApp. This is our only YouTube channel. _ FYI: ITM Trading is comprised of Precious Metals and Economic Experts. We are not financial planners, nor do we do general financial consulting. We are Gold & Silver Strategists. We sell Gold & Silver to Strategic Investors who want to protect their wealth with the proper types, dates, and qualities of precious metals. For more info Call: 877-410-1414 For More Videos and Research, Click Here: 🤍 🔒GET PROTECTED WHILE YOU CAN! 🔒 If you're not already in a protected position for The Global Reset, call us for your free strategy consult now: 877-410-1414 WHY ITM TRADING? If you want to know what to DO about all of this, that's what we specialize in at ITM Trading. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse and complete financial reset? Yes, Gold and Silver, but what types, what dates? How much of each? What strategy? And what long-term plan? If you're asking these questions, you're already ahead of the game... We're here to help, as our mission is to safeguard the public from the inevitable downfall of the dollar, global markets, and the current real estate bubble. As our Chief Market Analyst, Lynette Zang has over 50 years of experience in economics, banking, and currencies. Along with our entire team of consultants from financial backgrounds; we've spent the last 25 years developing a complete strategy designed not only to protect our clients from standard crashes and recessions...but to position them properly for a complete currency collapse and economic Reset (which is the stage we're now in). We are the most recommended precious metals company in the industry for a good reason because we create lifetime relationships with our clients and facilitate strategies for lifetime security. Find out if you're adequately protected today… ITM TRADING: Helping Protect Your Future, Freedom, and Legacy Call Today for Your 1st Strategy Session: 877-410-1414 ITM Trading Inc. © Copyright, 1995 - 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Exploring a Hidden Abandoned Monastery near NYC - Inside the Life of Nuns


In this episode, we're exploring an abandoned monastery where cloistered nuns lived for nearly a century. The monastery's population dwindled over time and eventually closed in 2009. 🤍 JOIN US ON: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Thanks to Musicbed for providing the music in this video. Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for a free account to listen for yourself: 🤍 (Affiliate Link) Intro Music: 🤍 Enjoying our videos? Help us make more by buying a print: 🤍 Join YT Memberships: 🤍 Supporting us on Patreon: 🤍 Purchasing a t-shirt: 🤍 Equipment we use to make our videos: 🤍 MB01PLVKIELFYIH

Hidden 2015..(Best Scenes)..HD..


Hidden 2015..

Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things - Part 7


And we're back with more amazing secrets hidden in everyday things! Part 4: 🤍 Part 5: 🤍 Part 6: 🤍 Suggest a topic here to be turned into a video: 🤍 Subscribe for more! ► 🤍 ◄ Stay updated ► 🤍 🤍 ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: hello🤍beamazed.com Legal Stuff. Unless otherwise created by BeAmazed, licenses have been obtained for images/footage in the video from the following sources: 🤍



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Is the FBI’s search for hidden Biden documents ALL FOR SHOW?


The FBI is FINALLY searching one of President Biden’s home for hidden documents, and agents already searched his D.C. think tank for them as well. But why now? Why weren’t these searches conducted LAST YEAR, when the DOJ first was informed the documents ever existed? Glenn’s chief writer, Jason Buttrill, joins the show to explain how the Democrats, the FBI, and the DOJ likely worked together to cover up this entire Biden scandal just days before the midterm. So, could this be one of the biggest examples of election interference in U.S. history?! ► Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck on YouTube: 🤍 ► Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: get.blazetv.com/glenn ► Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube: 🤍 ► Click HERE to sign up to Glenn's newsletter: 🤍 Connect with Glenn on Social Media: 🤍 🤍 🤍

A Family Hides In A Secret Shelter For 301 Days to Avoid Strange Monsters


Welcome to Movie Shortens. Today I am going to explain and recap a movie titled Hidden (2015). Subscribe for more Movie Recaps: 🤍 Thanks for watching!

Mystical Revelations of St. Joseph's Hidden Life Now Revealed


Dr. Paul Thigben explains the most compelling private revelations of St. Joseph according to 5 Catholic visionaries, giving new and profound insights into the inspiring and hidden life of the foster father of Jesus Christ. Sacred Scripture, mystics, and the saints agree — St. Joseph is a pillar of faith that is empowering men to protect their families, their faith, and the Church. Powerful examples of faith are exactly what is needed in the culture of life today, and Dr. Thigben's powerful presentation of St. Joseph is unlike anything you have seen before. FAITH-BASED FINANCIAL INVESTING IS HERE! CHECK IT OUT! 🤍 FIGHT FOR THE CULTURE OF LIFE ASAP! 🤍 SHOP ALL YOUR FUN AND FAVORITE LIFESITE MERCH! 🤍 Follow us on social media: LifeSite: 🤍 John-Henry Westen: 🤍 MB01OGBLSWWU8MD

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Australia


We embark on a journey to the Buccaneer Archipelago, a maze of pearl farms, and continue on to Mount Dare Station, a barren land of sand and rocks. Then, we visit Arnhem Land, a unique and isolated world. Along the way, we encounter Richard, the pearl farmer, Dave, the reliable desert guide, and Simon, Russel and Otto, who embrace the ancient customs of the indigenous people. Director: Nick Robinson



Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Seyl · Mehrad Hidden Seyl ℗ 2020 Mehrad Hidden Released on: 2020-01-02 Auto-generated by YouTube.

[Vlog Video] “Oof” (Mehrad Hidden, Saman Wilson, Sohrab Mj, Moody Moussavi)


Video Edited by: HEEN 🤍 ⚡️ Sponsored by: Kremlin Energy Drink 🤍 Record Label: Tenzu Music 🤍

Blox Fruits Hidden Gems


Full Video: 🤍

أفلام منوعات #2 : فيلم HIDDEN 3D المرعب


السلام عليكم

Hidden Video Game Details #116 (Red Dead Redemption 2, Call Of Duty Black Ops, Cuphead & More)


In todays episode of hidden video game details we take a look at Red Dead Redemption 2 attention to details, Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 attention to details, Cuphead attention to details, Marvels Midnight Suns attention to details, Borderlands 2 attention to details, High On Life attention to details and more! NEW MERCH!: 🤍 Become a channel member and get exclusive badges and a credit in every video!: 🤍 Become a Patron and get a credit in every video, along with many other perks!: 🤍 My socials: *Business email: captaineggcellent🤍saulderson.com *Instagram: 🤍 *Twitter: 🤍 *Discord: 🤍 More videos like this one: Maneater Easter Eggs & Secrets: 🤍 The Last Of Us Part 2 Easter Eggs: 🤍 Video Game Easter Eggs Series: 🤍 Cool Video Game Details Series: 🤍 Call Of Duty Easter Eggs: 🤍 The Best Of Captain Eggcellent: 🤍 Music used - 🤍

Mehrad Hidden - 42 Documentary


Mehrad prepares himself to participate in Athen's Marathon 2018 for the first time. He has to train in less than 6 months for the race. He never ran more than a few kilometers in his life and now he has decided to run 42km in Greece. In this documentary he explains how important it is to always put yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to grow and improve in life. He wishes to inspire those who are on the same path by telling his own story about how he tries to reach mental and physical toughness with stepping out of his comfort zone.


📖 Get The The New Book - The New Book Now Available: Feel Alive By Ralph Smart- Http://🤍ralphsmart.com/Thebook ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👕👚 Merch - Clothes Store : Http://🤍ralphsmart.com/clothing ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 📚 Consults, Mentorship, Membership & Support One To One Consultations With Ralph Smart: Https://Ralphsmart.Com/1to1-Sessions/ Become A Member To Get Exclusive Access To Perks! 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🗣Follow Me On My Social Media ! Instagram🙋🏿‍♂️ Https://Www.Instagram.Com/Officialralphsmart/?Hl=En ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 📥 Sponsors : Want Me To Promote Your Product? Dm Me For Rates And Availability 🤝 Follow Me On Instagram Now* Https://Www.Instagram.Com/Officialralphsmart/?Hl=En Website: 🤍ralphsmart.com #Ralphsmart #Infinitewaters #love #thirdeye Socials: Follow me on Facebook: Https://Www.Facebook.Com/Ralphsmart Follow On Twitter: Https://Twitter.Com/Infinitewaters Follow On Tumblr Https://Infinitewatersworld.Tumblr.Com

The Rarest Hidden Characters & Rulers in CK3


🌏 Get Exclusive NordVPN deal here ➼ 🤍 It’s risk-free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee! ✌ This video is sponsored by NordVPN. There are hundreds of characters and rulers in CK3 but many are so hidden that crusader kings players have yet to encounter them. In this ck3 guide we will uncover powerful and unique ck3 starts and ck3 campaigns featuring rare religions, curious cultures and historically significant sovereigns and in this video we will uncover the best and most secret characters to play in crusader kings 3. This video was recorded on the most recent CK3 Royal Court DLC + CK3 Friends and Foes DLC but will remain relevant for a very long time (at least until Paradox adds more unique campaigns for us)! Without further ado let’s get started with this Crusader Kings 3 top 10 video guide - enjoy! Want to support AlzaboHD? Consider becoming a patron: 🤍 Consider donating BAT through the brave browser Special thanks to the following patrons and member supporters: Cody Freese, Diana K, Ennuman, Graf Zahl, HippoHobbily, Jude Sawyer, Liew Jia Ming, Lindsay Summerville, LonesomeShoe, Lord of Ark, Luke Cooper, Markus Delves, Matteo Stanchina, nick koo, Oisín McColgan, Parabox, Paul Bruene, Quagmire109, rowan lorenzo, Ryan Drake Newell, SirQuiggle, William Hix Table of Contents: Introduction 0:00 Count Otger of Spreewall 0:28 Emir Denha of Socotra 1:27 Count Benjamin of Tmutarakan 2:20 Count Werner of Aargau 3:44 Count Herbert IV of Vermandois 4:51 Count Gagik Bagratuni of Lykandus 6:45 Sheikh Rostam of Mazandaran 7:44 Sheikh Ishaq of Baalbek 8:45 Coran Guanareme of Acihinech 9:49 Erik III “The Heathen” of Sweden 10:56 Honorable Mentions 12:32 Thanks for Watching 13:38 #CK3 #CrusaderKings3 #AlzaboHD

DOORS HOTEL+ UPDATE (All Hidden Secrets)



03. Raftam Too Delesh (feat. Shayea)


Mehrad Hidden - Zoozanaghe (In collaboration with Moody Moussavi) Producer: Mehrad Hidden Executive Producer: Sina Saeidi Guest Artists: Saman Wilson, Shayea, Mr.D7 and HEEN Written by: Mehrad Hidden, Moody Moussavi Additional Producers: Canis, HEEN Mix and Mastering: Mehrad Hidden, Sina Saeidi and Peyman Tavasoly Distribution & Sales Management: Jafari.Hr Videographer: Amir Reza Amjadi IT Manager: Hamed Gh Artwork Designer: Amir Gmd Record Label: Tenzu Music ‌

Hidden in a bamboo grove... Stihl ms 881 Vs Trembesi 50 years.


Hidden in a bamboo grove... Stihl ms 881 Vs Trembesi 50 years. The process of felling large tamarind trees that are tens of years old uses the Stihl MS 881 chainsaw, the best wood cutting machine in its class by a professional wood chainsaw operator. After the wood is cut to size, the 8 woodworkers carry it directly onto a truck to be sent to Jepara as material for woodworking and furniture, such as carved statues, carved chairs and solid trembesi tables.

HIDDEN - cinematic short film


An experimental Short Film - 'HIDDEN' - made in 2022 by crafting pictures! "It has been found. Below stone, wood and sea it is hidden right before our eyes." This was our very first try using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro and the Zhiyun Crane 3S. We planned and shot the film in 2 days. Editing, music composing, vfx and grading took approximately 2-3 months to complete. DIRECTOR, WRITER, MUSIC COMPOSER Uygar Genc VFX ARTIST, CAMERA OPERATOR Patrick Schmidt - OUR FILMMAKING GEAR: Camera // BLACKMAGIC POCKET CINEMA CAMERA 6K PRO Lenses // TOKINA 11-16mm 2.8, SIGMA 17-50mm 2.8 Gimbal // ZHIYUN CRANE 3S Audio // RODE VIDEO MIC NTG Cage // TILTA - Let's collab.: hello🤍crafting.pictures 🤍es

क्या Bhide की मदद से Abhijeet पहुँच पाएगा Culprit तक? | CID | Hidden In A Car | 1 Feb 2023


Tarot card reader Vishakha Sulekha predicted Soham's passing. Soham becomes a victim of a crime by a football player at the Spice House bungalow. Bhide, the secretary of Gokuldham Society told the shocking truth to Senior Inspector Abhijeet. Tarot card reader Vishakha Sulekha dies Amya is also found in an unidentified state in her house. Who is the criminal? Watch the full episode to know more about this case. Show Name: CID Show Cast & Characters: • Shivaji Satam as ACP Praduman • Dinesh Phadnis as Inspector Fredricks aka Freddy • Ashutosh Gowariker as Sr. Inspector Virendra • Dayanand Shetty as Sr. Inspector Daya • Narendra Gupta as Dr. R. P. Salunkhe • Aditya Srivastava as Sr. Inspector Abhijeet • Shraddha Musale as Dr. Tarika • Ansha Sayed as Sub-Inspector Purvi Episode: 1102 Producer: Brijendra Pal Singh #CID #livcrime #सीआईडी #cid2023 #newcid #crime #latestcid Click here to Subscribe to LIV Crime: 🤍 About CID: - The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Television is today one of the most popular shows on Sony Entertainment Television. Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, C.I.D. has captivated viewers over the last eleven years and continues to keep audiences glued to their television sets with its thrilling plots and excitement. Also interwoven in its fast-paced plots are the personal challenges that the C.I.D. team faces with non-stop adventure, tremendous pressure, and risk, all in the name of duty. The series consists of hard-core police procedural stories dealing with investigation, detection, and suspense. The protagonists of the serial are an elite group of police officers belonging to the Crime Investigation Department of the police force, led by ACP Pradyuman [played by the dynamic Shivaji Satam]. While the stories are plausible, there is an emphasis on dramatic plotting and technical complexities faced by the police. At every stage, the plot throws up intriguing twists and turns to keep the officers on the move as they track criminals, led by the smallest of clues. Click here to watch all the action-packed episodes of CID: 🤍 क्या Bhide की मदद से Abhijeet पहुँच पाएगा Culprit तक? | CID | Hidden In A Car | 1 Feb 2023

HIDDEN LOCAL Floating Market in BANGKOK | Marion's Kitchen


It's no secret I love Thai food, but one of my favourite things? Seeking out the Thai food you won't cook at home but wish you could – the unique dishes I can only ever enjoy in Bangkok, Thailand. Come behind the scenes at Khlong Lat Mayom, the floating market the locals flock to for the most delicious dishes ever. There's a high chance you won't cook them at home... but you WILL want to eat them! Subscribe to my channel and press the bell button to get notifications every time I post a new recipe: 🤍 Binge watch a whole bunch of my Asian food recipe videos here: 🤍 Come chat with me on: 🤍 🤍 🤍 And if you're in the USA, Australia or New Zealand you can buy my premium, all-natural Asian meal kits! You'll find them in the Asian aisle at these stores: 🤍 For more super tasty recipes: 🤍 ABOUT MARION Marion Grasby is a food producer, television presenter and cookbook author who's had a life-long love affair with Asian food. Marion is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her dad). ​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious Asian food recipes, dishes and ingredients.

A HIDDEN GEM We Almost MISSED!? Trek to Yomi Switch Review


Trek to Yomi is a side scrolling action game which has taken inspiration from samurai movies of old and has a heavy emphasis on the cinematic. It has just released on the Nintendo Switch but is it worth getting? Well, let's find out... #trektoyomi #nintendoswitch #review The colour changing joycon we use - save 20% with code: SUP2022 Product link: 🤍 - they are very comfortable, have GYRO, Rumble (standard) and a proper D-Pad. Plus they charge normally on the Switch. Great Joycon. If you’re a long time supporter of ours consider supporting us on Patreon - 🤍 Looking for eshop credit? Get OFFICIAL Nintendo Eshop Cards and other bits and bobs, at our new website and online store here - 🤍 - Save 5% using code 'SWITCHUP' If you are a physical collector you can use code "SWITCHUP23" to save 5% at PlayAsia 🤍 Join SwitchUp here: 🤍 and get a limited edition SwitchUpMan Emoji for your comments! Hazzah! Link to our Discord here: - 🤍 Happy Gaming Mark & Glen SwitchUp Subscriber count: - 302,455 Review written and video created by Glen Bolger.

Bengaluru’s Famous But Hidden CHANDRAPPA HOTEL! 46 Years Of Non Vegetarian Tradition! Must Try!


#chandrappahotel #nonvegetarian #bangalore chandrappa hotel, mathikere, old but unknown eatery, north bengaluru, military hotel, non vegetarian eatery, mutton chops, mutton curry, brain pepper fry, pork pepper fry, pork garlic dry, mutton biryani, rasam, akki roti, ragi mudde, guntur chicken, local cuisine, chandrappa hotel mathikere, bangalore food tour, bengaluru food, must try dishes, popular restaurant, gourmet on the road, kripal amanna, food lovers tv, food lovers india, truth in food, support small business When Mr. Chandrappa moved to Mathikere, then a remote corner of Bengaluru nearly half a century ago, he set up a vegetarian eatery to cater to the local populace. This met with limited success, however things clicked when he added in the non vegetarian dishes that he and his wife would cook at home. Eventually, his sons joined in to support this family enterprise that in a span of 46 years has come to be the de facto eatery for naati (local style) non-vegetarian oota in the area. However, there are still many outside the immediate area who are yet to discover the homely taste of the fare here. I was one of them, until I paid a surprise visit one afternoon. In doing so, I caught up with the second and third generation of Chandrappa’s family and also his culinary legacy in a smorgasbord of meaty dishes. Hope you enjoy this one. Take care; stay safe and strong. Happy eating! Rasam 8.5/10 Pork Garlic Dry Rs. 190 8/10 Pork Pepper Fry Rs. 160 10/10 Brain Pepper Fry Rs. 120 10/10 Guntur Chicken 8.5/10 Mutton Chops Fry Rs. 240 9/10 Khaima Ball Masala Rs. 180 8/10 Mutton Biryani Rs. 250 8/10 Take care; stay safe and strong. Happy eating! Kripal Amanna Gourmet On The Road & Founder, Food Lovers TV Chandrappa Hotel, 40/4, MS Ramaiah College Road, 40/4, 15th Main Rd, Gokula 1st Stage, Mathikere Extension, Mathikere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560054; tel +91 97317 19888/ 080 2360 6186 LOCATION TAG - 🤍 Timings: 1030am to 1030pm, closed on Mondays SUPPORT FOOD LOVERS If you enjoyed this video, please consider supporting Food Lovers TV by joining our membership community on YouTube by hitting the ‘join’ button below or on the home page. You could pledge a nominal sum and receive special privileges like behind the scenes footage, shoot updates, access to live q&a’s and more. You could also support us on our Patreon page. For more info, check out the links below. 🤍 🤍 Our vision at Food Lovers TV is to be India’s most vibrant, and more importantly, trusted food content platform. As you may be aware, content on Food Lovers TV is free of commercial constraints as guided by our credo: truth in food. We seek out deserving stories to be told sans any financial consideration from eateries featured. We have chosen not to put up a paywall as we want our rich content to remain accessible to all. Independent food journalism – free for everyone, supported by those who can. You can also make a one time, direct contribution to our bank account (details as below) A/c name: Hospitality Initiatives India Pvt. Ltd. A/c No: 0056444807 IFSC code: CITI0000004 Bank: Citibank N A Branch: M G Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India Please email the transfer details to info🤍foodlovers.in once you have made a contribution. Members of Food Lovers TV Family Tier on Patreon: Tuhina Roy You too can be part of the Food Lovers Patron Network. Visit 🤍 to join the Food Lovers family Members of Food Lovers TV Insider on YouTube Community: Gautam John Sanjay Rangan Beena Balagopal You too can be part of the Food Lovers YouTube Community. Visit 🤍 to join the Food Lovers family. Note: This is purely voluntary, no compulsions. Thank you. Team FLTV 🙏😋

'It’s a cocktail laboratory' | Explore hidden Houston speakeasy


Bandista isn't a place you visit to order your standard wine or gin and tonic. Here, the general manager suggests, you come to order a special cocktail off the menu. 📷 SEND US YOUR PHOTO + VIDEO: Did you visit Bandista? Share your experience with us using the Near Me feature in the KHOU 11 mobile app! It could be featured in our next video. Download the app here: khou.com/app - RELATED LINKS - Bandista website: 🤍 More on the Living the Lone Star series: 🤍 📱 Follow Brandi Smith on social media: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 📱 Follow KHOU 11 news on social media: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Hidden: A Life All for God


The Trappistine Sisters at Mount Saint Mary's Abbey in Wrentham, MA lead simple consecrated lives of prayer as lived in the heart of the Church for all their brothers and sisters in the world. This documentary offers a glimpse of their daily lives.

WARZONE 2: Hidden ATTACHMENT STATS Completely Change The META LOADOUTS! (WARZONE 2 Best Setups)


Secret and Broken Attachment Stats in WARZONE 2 are Changing the META! ● Become a Member here ► 🤍 ● Subscribe to stay up to date! ► 🤍 ● Use code “Immortal” for 10% of your Gamer Advantage order! ► 🤍 ● Use Code "Immortal" for 20% off your GFUEL order ► 🤍 ● Use Code 'Immortal" for 5% off your SCUF order ► 🤍 ● Use code "Immortal" for 10% off all KontrolFreek products ► 🤍 ● Join my Discord ► 🤍 Modern Warfare 2: GREAT NEWS Revealed For The NEXT MAJOR UPDATE! - 🤍 WARZONE 2 Is COMPLETELY CHANGING... - 🤍 Modern Warfare 2: Full 1.13 UPDATE PATCH NOTES! Gameplay Updates & Fixes! (WARZONE 2 1.13 Update) - 🤍 Follow me ► ● 2nd Channel ► 🤍 ● Twitter ► 🤍 ● Twitch ► 🤍 ● Instagram ► 🤍 ● TikTok ► 🤍 ● My Team ► KARNAGE ► 🤍 🤍 ● Mobile Member link ► 🤍 Modern Warfare 2 News & Updates - 🤍 Warzone 2 News & Updates - 🤍 Warzone News & Updates - 🤍 Warzone Best Loadouts - 🤍 Modern Warfare 2 Best Class Setups - 🤍 Music provided by ► ► Instrumental produced by Chuki - 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 0:00 – WARZONE 2 Attachments Have Hidden Stats and Incorrect Listings 1:50 – Hidden Attachment Stats Change The META Setups in WARZONE 2 3:25 – Certain WARZONE 2 Attachments Don’t Have Accurate Descriptions In this video, we're breaking down the Secret Attachment Stats and Broken attachment Descriptions in WARZONE 2! COD WARZONE 2 META LOADOUTS rely on the Best Attachments and Meta Setups to be viable, however the in game stat layout of the Best Attachments for each gun are currently incorrect, and MW2 and WARZONE 2.0 have hidden stat pros and cons! Thanks for checking out the video. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe, as I'm always covering everything going on in Call of Duty, including WARZONE, WARZONE 2, & Modern Warfare 2! #warzone2 #modernwarfare2 #mwii

Auto-Mask Everything! - New Hidden Feature in Photoshop


Discover a hidden feature that lets you automatically mask everything in your image all at once with Photoshop! In this lesson, we will look at real-world examples of how we can use these masks to make color and contrast adjustments in our images. From learning how to create depth to creating a dramatic sky, we will cover some of the advanced techniques that you can take advantage of with this auto-mask feature powered by Object Selection. I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching :) ► TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Going Beyond Object Selection 00:26 Auto-Mask Everything At Once! 01:44 Real-World Example 1 - Separation and Depth 03:52 Changing Color 04:53 Important Limitations 05:13 Real-World Example 2 - Dramatic Sky 07:32 Incredible Landscape Demo & Recap ► CHECK OUT INFINITE COLOR SUITE: 🤍 (code PIX20 gets 20% off) ► CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL PIXIMPERFECT COMPOSITING PLUGIN: 🤍 ► SUPPORT THE CHANNEL & GAIN PREMIUM ACCESS: 🤍 ► RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE & CREATIVE RESOURCES: ✅ Official PiXimperfect Compositing Plugin: 🤍 ✅ The Best A.I. Powered High-End Portrait Retouching Plugins: 🤍 ✅ Unlimited Photoshop Actions, Plugins, Brushes, Assets, etc: 🤍 ✅ The Best Professional Plugin for Color Grading: 🤍 ✅ The Best Professional Plugin for Skin Tones: 🤍 ✅ Best Plugin for Landscape & Astrophotography: 🤍 ✅ Try Photoshop for Free: 🤍 ✅ The App I Use for YouTube Growth: 🤍 ✅ Music Used in PiXimperfect Videos: 🤍 ► THE GEAR I USE: ✅ My Graphic Tablet: 🤍 ✅ Recommended Budget Tablet: 🤍 ✅ Primary Microphone: 🤍 ✅ Budget Microphone: 🤍 ✅ Audio Interface: 🤍 ✅ Camera: 🤍 ✅ Lens: 🤍 ► PIXIMPERFECT MERCH STORE: 🤍 ► PIXIMPERFECT ACTIONS: 🤍 ► SHARE: 🤍 ► DOWNLOADS: Sample Images: 🤍 ► LET'S CONNECT: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Hidden Signs | An Enmity Between Two States | Crime Patrol 2.0 | 30 Jan 2023


It all started when a teenage girl went or a party with her grandfather, but instead of picking her up, her grandfather went missing which turned into quite a big matter later, but how a powerful businessman suddenly went missing with no traces, watch the full episode to know more. Show Name: Crime Patrol 2.0 Episode: 32 Producer: Anup Soni, Shamael Khan #CrimePatrol2.0 #CP2.0 #क्राइमपैट्रॉल2.0 #livcrime Click here to Subscribe to LIV Crime: 🤍 About Crime Patrol 2.0: Crime Patrol 2.0 is the New Crime Patrol series wherein our objective is to tell our viewers about the crime which happen/May happen around them. One of the data suggests most of the crime which happens in our country is done by people whom the victims already knew and our purpose is to depict those stories where crime has been done by someone close to the victim. Our show communicates the message to be aware of the surroundings we live in so that we do not fall prey to such evil-minded people. Click here to watch all the episodes of Hidden Signs: 🤍 Hidden Signs | An Enmity Between Two States | Crime Patrol 2.0

Hidden - Verità Sepolte | Trailer Ufficiale | Prossimamente al Cinema | 4K


DAL 2 FEBBRAIO AL CINEMA 👕 Merch: In Arrivo ISCRIVITI AL CANALE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 🤍ldproductioncompany.com Seguici su: facebook.com/HiddenMovieIT instagram.com/hiddenmovie_it/ Hidden - Verità Sepolte (2023) Prodotto da L/D Production Company in collaborazione con Amaranta Frame. In un piccolo paese ogni abitante vive la propria quotidianità senza farsi troppe domande e noncurante della scomparsa di alcune donne, finché un giorno qualcuno li metterà di fronte alla possibilità che si possa trattare di brutali omicidi seriali. Da quel momento la paura si farà strada e ogni equilibrio vacillerà. Per raggiungere la verità negata tanto a lungo, i protagonisti si troveranno a perdere molto più di quanto si possa immaginare. Il nuovo thriller di Roberto D'Antona prodotto dal L/D Production Company in collaborazione con Amaranta Frame. Con Roberto D'Antona, Annamaria Lorusso, Francesco Emulo, Alex D'Antona, Giulia Mesisca, Stefano Tiraboschi, Rachele Gatti, Alberto Fumagalli, Rachele Crotti, Fabrizio Narciso, Luca Gatta, Nicole Blatto, Mirko D'Antona, Teresa De Nicolo. #HiddenMovie #TrailerUfficiale #AlCinema

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