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Best zones for adena farm (Lv. 100+) - Lineage 2 Fafurion server


Best zones for adena farm: Giant's Cave (90k - 120k adena) Phantasmal Ridge (230k - 500k adena) Garden of Spirits (750k - 1,8kk adena) Superion Fortress (2,2kk - 2,5kk adena) Field of Whispers (1,2kk - 2,2kk adena) L2 SCARLET ISTINA 50x server. PROMO! | SUBSCRIBE for more videos on our YOUTUBE channel !! | Reward: 30 CoL in game (Send a DM/PM to FengShui) !! | 🤍 Website: 🤍 Forum: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

[L2DEX] How to make BILLIONS of ADENA as a SOLO-PLAYER on CRAFT-PVP Servers


Server details: 🤍 Opened in April 2020. Interlude Gameplay on a H5 custom client with many features, like Hellbound farm zone, PVP items etc. Max items (S) Grade. Rates: Exp/SP: x50 Adena: x15-30 Drop: х20 Spoil: x10 SealStones: x10 RB Exp/SP: х10 RB Drop: ~x5 Epic Rb Drop: x1 Quest: x1 (reward. rate and drop of popular quests has been changed)

Lineage 2 Song Of War: Adena Farming a PvP zone


Im going to be just sitting here adena farming and enchanting a bit later on but i want to show the progress i got since yesterday which isnt much but it will be once i finish it this will be mainly just me standing around doing nothing until the last 30 minutes ill enchant and show you how much i get from farming this place Website: 🤍 Discord: 🤍

[L2DEX] 125 Billion Adena Profit with Offline shops.


Hey everyone, I decided to share with you one of my ways of making a Passive income on Lineage 2 Dexternet. Overall I've bought goods worth of 2.1 TRILLION Adena with my offline shops and I've made a profit of 125 Billion by selling to the Clan Hall NPC. —————//// Server details: Opened in April 2020. 🤍 Interlude Gameplay on a H5 custom client with many features, like Hellbound farm zone, PVP items etc. Max items (S) Grade. Rates: Exp/SP: x50 Adena: x15-30 Drop: х20 Spoil: x10 SealStones: x10 RB Exp/SP: х10 RB Drop: ~x5 Epic Rb Drop: x1 Quest: x1 (reward. rate and drop of popular quests has been changed)

[L2DEX] Lineage2: Making Adena by manipulating the market.


—————//// Server details: Opened in April 2020. 🤍 Interlude Gameplay on a H5 custom client with many features, like Hellbound farm zone, PVP items etc. Max items (S) Grade. Rates: Exp/SP: x50 Adena: x15-30 Drop: х20 Spoil: x10 SealStones: x10 RB Exp/SP: х10 RB Drop: ~x5 Epic Rb Drop: x1 Quest: x1 (reward. rate and drop of popular quests has been changed)

Yul Archer Daily Adena Farm Altar 112 Lineage 2 core


Lineage 2 Core Yul Archer Farming Time zone Isle of Souls hitting two groups for an hour. 🤍

Watch CNBC's full interview with Nasdaq Chair and CEO Adena Friedman


Adena Friedman, chairman and CEO of the NASDAQ, joins 'TechCheck' to discuss her outlook for the markets heading into 2023. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: 🤍 » Subscribe to CNBC TV: 🤍 » Subscribe to CNBC: 🤍 Turn to CNBC TV for the latest stock market news and analysis. From market futures to live price updates CNBC is the leader in business news worldwide. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: 🤍 Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Twitter: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Instagram: 🤍 🤍 #CNBC #CNBCTV

Who were the Adena Mound Builders of North America?


The Adena tradition was an Early Eastern Woodland Native American culture that existed from about 1000 to 200 B.C.E. The Adena were not a single tribe but rather a conglomerate of Northeastern American peoples who shared various cultural characteristics, such as a common burial and ceremonial system. They are mostly known for their erection of beautiful earthen burial mounds. The Adena are perceived by archaeologists as being the progenitor of the more elaborate Hopewell tradition, which rose to prominence directly after the Adena faded into obscurity in the third century B.C.E. Sources: Albert C. Spaulding (1952). "The Origin of the Adena Culture of the Ohio Valley," Southwestern Journal of Anthropology 8, no. 3. 260-268. 🤍 Adena Culture. (n.d.). Retrieved from 🤍 Henderson, A. G. (2007). Adena: "Woodland period moundbuilders of the Bluegrass". Lexington, KY: Kentucky Heritage Council. 3-50 Webb, W. S., & Snow, C. E. (2001). "The Adena people". Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. 110-132

S01E01 Adena Farming Dimensional Crack Quest


I'm going to be doing a whole series on farming different places, tips, tricks and such that I use to make adena wile still remaining Free2Play.

Lineage 2 Essence EU Maroon - Frost Adena Farm 20kk/h


Farming in Frost instance - 20kk Adena per Hour! 2 promo codes free inside the video - Enjoy! If you register new account by the following referral link you will get daily kits that will help develop your new char! referral link: 🤍

The Next Unicorns: Adena Hefets CEO of Divvy Homes, forging a new path to home ownership | E1246


Subscribe to This Week in Startups on Apple: 🤍 Show notes: 00:00 Start 02:51 Adena Hefets, how Divvy Homes works 05:02 The Divvy founding story 10:51 Odoo - Get $1000 off your first implementation pack 🤍 12:01 Divvy’s business model 22:10 Drata - Get 15% off at 🤍 23:26 How Divvy finances buying homes 25:37 Are we in a real estate bubble 31:53 Institutional investors buying up single-family rentals 33:22 LinkedIn Jobs - Post your first job for free at 🤍 34:53 The American home shortage 42:55 Metrics Adena uses to run the business 44:05 Why Adena loves being an operator Check out Divvy 🤍 FOLLOW Adena: 🤍 FOLLOW Jason: 🤍 Thanks to our partners: Odoo - Get $1000 off your first implementation pack 🤍 Drata - Get 15% off at 🤍 LinkedIn Jobs - Post your first job for free at 🤍 Listen here: Apple: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Overcast: 🤍 More from us: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Official site: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube to watch all full episodes: 🤍 Subscribe to TWiST Clips for all the best moments: 🤍 #startups #entrepreneurship #investing #angelinvesting #tech #news #business

Lineage 2 Classic Adena Farming With Auto Hunt In Forgotten Island


wanted to test how much Adena I can earn in 1 Hour, Now I earn more because now I do more damage good spot to farm Adenas, level up attributes in this zone you going in positive with everything if you not use Soulshots and can kill mobs If You Want To Support Us You Can, Hear 🤍

Fonctionnement ADENA


ADENA est une enceinte fermée et étanche avec manchons-gants. Elle est équipée d’une zone de travail décontaminable par les UV-C et quatre sas matérialisant la marche en avant : -Un sas de décontamination avec les UV-C pour les instruments pipettes, boîtes d’embouts… -Un sas de décontamination à l’eau de Javel pour les tubes d’échantillons -Un sas poubelle équipé d’UV-C pour les DASRI -Un sas sortie, pour sortir les préparations et les échantillons ADENA est un poste de travail à l’ergonomie avancée qui garantit à l’opérateur une posture confortable s’adaptant à toutes les morphologies, et une facilité d’utilisation grâce à une zone d’atteinte optimisée : tout est à portée de main, sans efforts, prévenant les troubles musculosquelettiques (TMS). Positionnement de ADENA dans le processus de PCR ADENA se positionne dans la zone pré-PCR pour : La préparation des mixes PCR et autres réactifs de biologie moléculaire La manipulation d’échantillons lors d’extraction d'ADN-ARN manuelle ou automatisée La préparation des tests unitaires fermés mono et multiplex Bénéfice sécurité du personnel : ADENA assure une protection complète de l’opérateur grâce à sa structure confinée complètement fermée et étanche. Aucun contact direct entre l’échantillon et l’opérateur. La poubelle DASRI est décontaminée avant évacuation. Bénéfice agencement et gain d’espace ADENA est un poste de travail mobile, facilement transportable grâce à son faible poids (moins de 30 kg), son faible encombrement (L80xP60xH60 cm), de mise en œuvre plug and play : ADENA s’adapte aux transformations de votre laboratoire, du pré-poste au labo central, au P3 et au POC pour inventer la biologie délocalisée de demain. Grâce aux différents sas de décontamination, ADENA vous permet d’avoir une seule pièce pré-PCR au lieu de deux. Cette disposition ouvre la PCR aux laboratoires qui n’ont pas de salles dédiées à la biologie moléculaire.

ADENA BEACH RESORT Kuantan | Beach Chalet | Full Review😍


Adena Beach Resort, Kuantan, Pahang Lot 1260 Mukim, 26100 Kuantan, Pahang Jenis bilik: Beach Chalet Date check in: Feb 2022 (1 malam) Harga: RM308 (ada breakfast) 💵Deposit: Tiada Booking medium: Traveloka (*Harga boleh berubah2 antara weekdays & weekend dan ikut musim) Storynya tempat ni kami asyik pikir2 nak book ke tak sb takut jalan jem maklum hujung cuti CNY pastu bila dh confirm nak book sekali sold out. Frust sekejap. Plan asal nak book Premium Beach Chalet sb betul2 depan beach. Sehari sebelum date tu try lagi sekali tgk2 ada kosong dan harga pun masih ok. Alhamdulillah mmg puas hati. Anak2 mmg suka main pantai. Boleh repeat lagi. Lobby: 👨 Staf ok, Peramah, segala pertanyaan dijawab dengan baik 🏙 Lobi open air, ada tempat duduk yang cukup utk tetamu Jenis Bilik: Beach Chalet Bilik sebelah tepi, belakang bilik hutan tapi ok je tak la menakutkan sangat. 🛌 Katil Luas muat 2 dewasa 2 anak2 besar anak aku. Bantal pun lembik sikit. Kalau jalan jauh biasanye mmg bwk bantal kecil. 🚽Tandas ok bersih. Ada bidet spray. Tiada Bathtub. 🧺 Kat sini xde almari tapi ada ruang sangkut baju dan meletak beg. Cuma pengangkut dapat 2 je mungkin boleh cuba minta lebih. Kolam renang ⛲️ Ada kolam renang dewasa dan kanak2 tapi masa tu hanya dewasa yg boleh pakai. Yg kanak2 tgh baiki so tak dapat la guna. Kolam tak besar sangat tapi okla org pun tak ramai sangat sb ramai mandi di pantai. Breakfast Breaksfast ok juga cuma kena improve dari segi rasa sikit la. Tapi ada foodpanda juga kalau nak try menu2 lain. Kemudahan lain : # Jalan kaki je ke pantai depan chalet. Pantai nya walaupun air bukan la biru tapi pasirnya halus dan tak la kotor. Ada jumpa cengkerang2 juga. # Ada banyak jenis bilik dan ada jugak utk family nanti blh check website and peta yang aku letak kat gambar # Ada ATV bayar RM50 utk 30 minit # Ada Jetski harga RM150 utk 30 minit # Ada Banana Boat # Ada kuda boleh naik bayar ikut masing-masing seikhlas hati hihi😊 Dinner Malam tu kami dinner di Kimstone dekat je dengan Adena tu dalam 7 minit drive je. Makanan pun macam2 jenis ada dari sate, ikan bakar, goreng, air, ada buskers juga. Kawasan pun cantik dan ada parking. ✅Overall tempat ni sesuai utk kome yg nak try penginapan berbeza dan dekat dengan pantai. Angin mmg kuat tapi masih sesuai untuk bersantai-santai. 🚙 Parking FREE jer kome kat tepi2 tu. Senang nak drop barang dekat dengan bilik. Kena check website /FB diorg utk info terkini. Semoga bermanfaat kome👍🏻😉 Tools yg aku gune : 1) Iphone 11 2) Gimbal Zhiyun Smooth XS - 🤍 3) Ulanzi VL-49 (Lighting) - 🤍 4) Ulanzi PT-13 (Mount lighting dekat gimbal) 🤍 5) Comica Boom XD MI (Wireless Mic for iphone) 🤍 Kredit Music : Music: Moonglow

Lineage 2 - "Adena Please" (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, 2020)


► The server I'm playing: 🤍 ► If you like my work please, like, share and subscribe for more! ► Support my channel: 🤍 ► Any questions, leave them in comment section, I will answer to everyone.(English, Spanish, Romanian or French) ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 L2Toxic Lineage 2 2019 Lineage II Gracia Final SCRYDE.RUx20High Five 2DAY.RUx10Interlude KETRAWARS.NETx100Interlude LA2.BYx3High Five ENDLESSWAR.ONLINERVRHelios LINEAGE777.COMx100Interlude OPEN-AGE.RUx50High Five GENESIS.MSx100Interlude ARKOFWAR.MEx55Epilogue CLASSIC-AGE.RUx10Classic L2FIRE.RU LA2.MEx5555High Five LINEAGETWO.RUx50Interlude SCRYDE.RUx20High Five L2DAY.RUx10Interlude LA2.BYx3High Five LINEAGE777.COMx100 INTERLUDE-ONLINE.RUG ENDLESSWAR.ONLINERVRHelios LINESTORM.RUx1200Interlude KETRAWARS.NETx100Interlude PIRANHAGAME.RUx55High Five SAINTWAR.NETx5High Five ALIVIAN.RUx55Epilogue L2HELIOS.NETx800High Five ALREADY OPENED SERVERS SCRYDE.RU Bonus newbie Bonus startx50High Five SCRYDE.RU Bonus startx300High Five EURO-PVP.COMx1200Interlude L2DAY.RUx1200Interlude FREEWARS.NETx99High Five L2MAD.NETx100Interlude KETRAWARS.NETx1200Interlude SCRYDE.RU Bonus newbie Bonus startx50High L2ULTRA.RUx50C4 FREEWARS.NETx99High Five EURO-PVP.COMx1200Interlude L2MAD.NETx100Interlude L2DAY.RUx1200Interlude KETRAWARS.NETx1200Interlude SCRYDE.RU Bonus startx300High Five L2PARADISE.CLUBx1200Interlude RPG-CLUB.COMx5High Five TIRAEL & INTERLUDEx20Interlude L2OLD.COMx20Classic LA2-GAME.RUx1200Interlude ALLTAR.PWx10Interlude L2SERVER.RUx1000Interlude L2CANYON.COMx3Interlude L2E-GLOBAL.COMx7Gracia Final MELCOSOFT.CLUBx1Gracia Final L2SAGA.COMx10Classic LA2REVIVE.RUx300Interlude L2SAGA.COM Classic L2SAGA.COM L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE L2MAD Interlude L2MAD country L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country L2ERA x50 H5 L2ERA x50 country Exilium World H5 Exilium World L2Ultra C4 L2Ultra country L2Amerika H5 L2Amerika country Grand Elmore Epilogue Grand Elmore L2 PLeasure Interlude L2 PLeasure FREEWARS X99 - 8 NOVEMBER! HighFive - Only Fair Play! High Five x10 Remastered Classic Grand Open 1st November! Classic EDMO H5 EDMO country Lineage2 ES H5 Lineage2 L2SAGA.COM Classic L2SAGA.COM l2.glory H5 l2.glory country Interlude L2-Spirit Interlude L2-Spirit L2 Turbo C4 L2 Turbo L2ERA x50 H5 L2ERA x50 L2Iridium Interlude L2Iridium L2MyThos H5 L2MyThos L2JD H5 L2JD country L2 Theon Interlude L2 Theon L2WolfGang Interlude L2WolfGang L2AnuCraft H5 L2AnuCraft L2HonorC4 C4 L2HonorC4 L2 Tartaro H5 L2 Tartaro L2Battle-PvP Interlude L2Battle-PvP L2 Aeons H5 L2 Aeons L2King.EU Excellent PvP Server Interlude L2King.EU Excellent PvP S Sentrix H5 Sentrix LINEAGE 2 SCRYDE L2J High Five X 50 L2Mafia L2J Interlude X 300 1. L2 Warland L2J Interlude X 12 2. L2DAMAGE L2J Interlude X 9000 3. L2Canyon L2J Interlude X 3 4. L2MAD L2J Interlude X 100 5. LINEAGE 2 SCRYDE L2J High Five X 50 6. Grand Elmore - L2 L2OFF Gracia Epilogue X 10 7. La2Dream L2J Interlude X 50 7. L2DAMAGE L2J Interlude X 9000 8. L2Mafia L2J Interlude X 300 9. Lineage2Epic L2J Gracia Final X 5000 10. L2 Zero L2J High Five X 20 . L2Sacred L2J Interlude X 100 2. LINEAGE 2 REMORSE L2OFF Classic 3.0 X 3 3. L2Arena Club L2J Classic 2.9 X 20 4. Lineage 2 Genesis L2J Interlude X 100 5. L2demon L2J Interlude X 20 6. L2 Recruited L2J Interlude X 4000 7. LineageTwo L2J Interlude X 50 8. L2 Luna L2J High Five X 40 9. Lineage777 L2J Interlude X 100 10. L2 PvP4Fun L2J Interlude X 9999

Lineage II Farm Adena - Antharas Lair H5 L2 AMERIKA


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How ADENA works


ADENA is a closed and sealed workstation equipped with gloves. It features a UV-C decontaminable work area and four airlocks to comply with the forward motion concept: • An airlock to decontaminate sample tubes through a bleach solution • An airlock to decontaminate all PCR instruments with UV-C • An airlock to hold and decontaminate biohazardous waste container with UV-C • An airlock to take out the preparations and samples ADENA is used in the pre-PCR area for: • The preparation of PCR mixes and other molecular biology reagents • Handling samples during manual or automated DNA/RNA extraction • Preparation of single and multiplex unit tests ADENA is the only cabinet on the market that provides both protection for the sample and the operator: • Adena ensure 0 contamination of the samples and preparation during PCR process • Adena provides complete protection thanks to its completely closed and tight design. No direct contact between the potentially infective sample and the operator to prevent communicable diseases. ADENA is an ergonomic workstation that ensures a comfortable posture thanks to a reduced reach zone, everything is within reach, with no effort to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). ADENA is a mobile and easily transportable workstation thanks to its low weight (less than 30 kg), its small size (W80xD60xH60 cm) and its plug and play system.

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman breaks down 2023 economic outlook from Davos


Adena Friedman, Nasdaq chairman and CEO, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the outlook for 2023, what will operate differently know that the cost of capital is higher and more. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: 🤍 » Subscribe to CNBC TV: 🤍 » Subscribe to CNBC: 🤍 Turn to CNBC TV for the latest stock market news and analysis. From market futures to live price updates CNBC is the leader in business news worldwide. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: 🤍 Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Twitter: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Instagram: 🤍 🤍 #CNBC #CNBCTV

Mustapha Dia, CEO of ADENA, Senegal / Webdoc Africa Express


Africa Express, le Tour d'Afrique des Energies en train ! 🤍 Commercialisation et implantation en zone rurale de chambres froides et tanks à lait fonctionnant à l'énergie solaire Lieu d'implantation / Namarel Année de lancement / 2012 — Projet pilote Porteur du projet / Association Africa Solar Food Project / Marketing and installation of solar powered cold storage chambers and milk tanks in rural areas Location / Namarel Launch Year / 2012 — Pilot study Developer / Association Africa Solar Food

Lineage W How to Farm Adena


Lineage W How to Farm Adena Wait For Raining At Pond ( Alot Frog Will Spawn ) Also Check For Server Announce. Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Support Channel: PayPal: 🤍 Black Desert Mobile Guide: 🤍 Black Desert Mobile Awakening Class & Boss: 🤍 Daily Android & IOS Game Sub Channel: 🤍 Daily New Game: 🤍 Game News & Trailer: 🤍 Guide & Tutorial: 🤍 CHANNEL SUPPORT AND SOCIAL MEDIA: PayPal: 🤍 Donation: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 If you want this video to Remove, can request us from our Email. Thank for Watching - IceXgame Free to Play

[Lineage2 Revolution] Essential Guide : Adena Tip


[Lineage2 Revolution] Essential Guide : Adena Tip ▶ ▶ 🤍

Lineage 2 Chronos [ Azulas ] Phanteon adena farm for 1h with Othell fortune seeker


Lineage 2 Chronos [ Azulas ] Phanteon adena farm for 1h with Othell fortune seeker it was very low adena, very bad day seem came to my life .... subscribe , like it, follow me donation page - 🤍

Pantheon Adena Farm Yul GS 120 L2CoreEU


Server: 🤍

AWS re:Invent 2021 – Nasdaq Will Migrate Its First US Options Market Onto AWS


President & CEO Adena Friedman shares how Nasdaq and AWS have formed a partnership to build the next generation of cloud-enabled infrastructure for the world’s capital markets. Nasdaq started its cloud journey on Amazon Web Services (AWS) more than a decade ago. Working on AWS, the company has achieved the scalability, innovation, and performance it needs to serve millions of investors around the world and continue expanding into new markets. In this video, Adena shares insights on how Nasdaq is a digital leader in the financial services industry and how it is now working with AWS to bring its first US Options Market onto the AWS cloud in 2022. Nasdaq will use a new edge computing solution that is co-designed by Nasdaq and AWS and specifically developed for market infrastructure. Nasdaq plans to incorporate AWS Outposts directly into its core network to deliver ultra-low-latency edge compute capabilities from its primary data center in Carteret, New Jersey. This co-designed edge computing solution would effectively establish Nasdaq’s data center as the first-ever private AWS Local Zone for the capital markets industry. Learn more about AWS at 🤍 Subscribe: More AWS events videos 🤍 More AWS videos 🤍 ABOUT AWS Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts events, both online and in-person, bringing the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn from AWS experts. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. #AWS #AmazonWebServices #CloudComputing

Lineage 2 Guia de adena. PODEMOS SACAR MAS DE 1 MILLON(SI TENEMOS SUERTE) Elmorelab C4 X3. PARTE 4!


Cuarta parte despues de mucho tiempo trabajando en ella... nada nos sale bien ultimamente...ninguna quest de las buenas me beneficia pero nada me detiene!. asi es la dura vida de un aventurero...arriesgas o lo pierdes todo!

Lineage 2 - Crazy EVENT (GuessTheSong, Solve Maths FOR ADENA)


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🤗 Ancient Adena Burial mound on the farm 🌞


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Adena Springs - Kentucky Horse Farm For Sale


Adena Springs is a 2,300± acres horse farm located in Bourbon County in Paris, Kentucky, only 30 min from Lexington. Highly improved multi use farm or equestrian facility - subdivision possible. - Selling as one parcel or subdivided • 2,300± acres | Bourbon County, KY • 3.32 miles of road frontage • Office & stallion complex • 10 large 3 stall run-in sheds • 7 breeding barns | 250 stalls

Lineage 2 Revolution- How to farm Adena guide


In this video, we look at how to farm Adena. Now, in reality, Adena is not really farmable outside of the well-established farming routes, and there is no place specifically to farm up the crucial resource. We give a couple of tips on where to get it, but most of it is well known. Tune into our daily Livestream of Lineage 2 Revolution, live Tuesday to Friday at 11AM KST, 2AM UTC, 6PM PST! - Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Or on Facebook: 🤍 Official website: 🤍 Make sure to Like & Subscribe for more amazing content! -




Alikiba - UTU (Official Music Video)


Music Video by Alikiba performing {Utu} track Number 14 from the Album Only One King, The Music Video was shot at Horombo Huts in Mount Kilimanjaro🇹🇿(3700m above the sea), Lake Duluti Arusha,Tanzania and Fun Retreat Hotel, Directed by Ivan. Stream/Download:🤍 Click here:🤍 Listen to Alikiba on Digital Streaming: Audiomack: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 Boomplay: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Follow Alikiba on Social Media: Instagram:🤍 Facebook:🤍 Twitter:🤍 Snapchat:🤍 TikTok:🤍 Triller:🤍 +For More Information Booking Alikiba: Contact:emailalikiba🤍 ©2022 Ziiki Media & Kings Music Records.All rights reserved. #Alikiba #Utu #OnlyOneKing

Lineage 2 Aden Essence - Atualização Crusaders / Novo Ancient Adena Shop


A NCSOFT anunciou oficialmente em seu site uma pequena previa do Path Nodes desta nova atualização que ocorrerá no dia 19 de outuro nos servidores Lineage 2 Aden Essence - Norte Americano. Venho através deste video tentar mostrar algumas mudanças que ocorrerá no ancient adena shop, onde novos itens estarão disponiveis para compras. Link Para Planilha De Informações - Ancient Adena Shop: 🤍 Informações Oficial Lineage2: 🤍 Informações Coreana: 🤍

The Cresap (Adena Culture) Indian Mound


In the Ohio Valley at one time there were thousands of these mounds along the Ohio River Drainage Systems. Now only a scarce few are left and most of these are in danger of removal due to "progress". The Adena culture is recognized as probably the initial culture to bring moundbuilding into this area as a part of their earth renewal ceremonies and nature worship. Later the Hopewell Culture would adopt moundbuilding and added elaborate geometric style earthworks as their signature on the Ohio Valley. The Cresap Mound was completely leveled in 1958due to "progress",but excavated beforehand by Pittsburgh archaeologist Don Dragoo who rescued some of the items from the mound. The video maker here has tried to show the lay of the land where it initially was which was on the Cresap property in the Washington Land's area of Virginia now West Virginia near present day Moundsville, WV. The Cresap mound was very close to where the WV historic sign describing the "Washington Lands" was,there was also a small rest shelter for tourists but it too was removed in 1960 when the road was changed. By the way the turtle tablet resued from Cresap was only partial with over half of it missing. An artist took the liberty of filling in the rest which is shown in the video.



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Adena Hole # 1


Your experience at Adena Golf & Country Club starts with an opening hole that offers a generous landing area. Hole #1 doglegs slightly to the right with 2 well placed bunkers on the left and one on the right. As you approach the green, be sure to avoid the front right bunker and you should be off to a great start.

How much Adena can you get from the Arpier event? [Lineage W Weekly News]


I'm back with some juicy Lineage W Weekly News! How much Adena on average can you get from the Arpier event? Watch the video to find out! Recent battle highlights are also included! 00:03 Phantasm Island Dungeons Ranked by Playtime 01:15 Average Adena Haul from the Arpier Event? 02:18 Battle HOT ISSUES

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