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KFMod - The Zeds of KFMod 2.0


This is when zeds started to gain their abilities and can be decapitated! Clots still can't grab. Bloats puke. Gorefasts charge when close. Stalkers are invisible. Crawler was added and leaps constantly towards player(later on he got his iconic scuttling). Siren was added and screams when close(this blows up grenades!). Scrakes pull you towards them whenever they hit you with their chainsaw(it also hits multiple times instead of once per swing resulting in players getting pulled even closer). Fleshpounds can get pissed off.

Killing Floor Когда был Модом


Многие знакомы с серией кооперативных шутеров Killing Floor, но мало кто помнит о том что серия началась с мода к Unreal Tournament. Именно об этом моде мы и поговорим, будет интересно! Песня из видео: 'It's In The Fog' by 🤍Darren Curtis Music 🇺🇸 | Horror Music (No Copyright) ☠️ Взято с канала: BreakingCopyright — Royalty Free Music Лицензия: Creative Commons – Указать первоисточник (повторное использование разрешено) Ссылка: youtu.be/5oF5lS0sajs

Killing Floor 0 Gameplay ➤ FULL Story Playthrough! (KF 2.1 Mod)


Killing Floor 1.0, the original Unreal Tournament 2004 mod that kick started one of the most successful coop horde shooter games on PC! The story of Killing Floor drops the player in a London overrun by hordes of terrifying Zeds killing off the last of the DRF (Disaster Relief Force) while searching for answers as well as a DRF solider named Masterson! Link to the Killing Floor Mod For Unreal Tournament 2004 - 🤍 Want to Subscribe? - 🤍 If you would like to support the channel and help keep me able to provide you with more great content, check out my Patreon! ■ Patreon: 🤍 ­ Remember to LIKE and FOLLOW me on my social media websites: ■ Twitch: 🤍 ■ Twitter: 🤍 ■ Facebook: 🤍 ­

Killing Floor Zed Comparison/Evolution (KFMOD/KF1/KF2)


This is a comparison/evolution of all the zeds in the Killing Floor franchise. The games include the original Killing Floor mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, Killing Floor 1, and Killing Floor 2. Are you interested in playing the original mod? You can download it from the following links! *You will need Unreal Tournament 2004 to play* Non-Zip: 🤍 Zip: 🤍 Do you like this video? Please comment and let me know. Thank you! Timestamps: 0:00 Start 0:03 KFMOD Clot 0:18 KF1 Clot 0:33 KF2 Clot 0:48 All Clots 1:08 KFMOD Bloat 1:23 KF1 Bloat 1:38 KF2 Bloat 1:53 All Bloats 2:12 KFMOD Gorefast 2:27 KF1 Gorefast 2:42 KF2 Gorefast 2:57 All Gorefasts 3:18 KFMOD Crawler 3:33 KF1 Crawler 3:48 KF2 Crawler 4:03 All Crawlers 4:23 KFMOD Stalker 4:38 KF1 Stalker 4:53 KF2 Stalker 5:08 All Stalkers 5:28 KFMOD Siren 5:43 KF1 Siren 5:58 KF2 Siren 6:13 All Sirens 6:33 KF1 Husk 6:48 KF2 Husk 7:03 All Husks 7:23 KFMOD Scrake 7:38 KF1 Scrake 7:53 KF2 Scrake 8:08 All Scrakes 8:28 KFMOD Fleshpound 8:43 KF1 Fleshpound 8:58 KF2 Fleshpound 9:13 All Fleshpounds 9:33 KFMOD Patriarch 9:48 KF1 Patriarch 10:03 KF2 Patriarch 10:18 All Patriarchs

Killing Floor 3 - Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games


Wishlist on PlayStation Today The Battle Begins With Nightfall It’s 2091 and megacorp Horzine has produced the ultimate army: an obedient horde of bioengineered monstrosities called Zeds. Now, only the rebel group Nightfall stands between these infernal creations and the future of humanity. Killing Floor 3 is the next installment in the legendary action/horror series. This intense FPS puts you in the boots of a Nightfall specialist joining forces with up to five teammates to battle waves of Zeds, earn dosh, unlock skills, and build the ultimate arsenal. #ps5 #ps5games May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit 🤍 for rating information.

Killing Floor | PLAYING THE MOD THAT STARTED IT ALL! - Killing Floor Single Player Campaign!


It's only fair that I play the first ever killing floor, right? Been a fan of the killing floor game since 2010. I played a lot of UT2004 and I never downloaded this mod for some reason :( If you have UT2004, then you can play this mod yourself: 🤍 It's not to difficult to set up, you just need UT2004 for this to run ;) NOW.... What do I think about this mod? Well, the current killing floor 2 and killing floor 1, have both different stories, but follow the same concept (I think anyway) If I would have played this back in the days, I would not like the way killing floor 2 is right now. Killing floor 2 is more futuristic while the MOD is set in a post apocalyptic setting. Killing floor 1 had some similar features to the MOD. Well all in all, it was fun to go back and play this, since I love killing floor :) I still love all these games! I found one music in the game, chainsaw chaos: 🤍 PS this video took 7.5h to upload A.K.A RIP my internet :( HOPE YOU ENJOYED! Want to donate to me? LINK: 🤍 Want to come and play with me sometime? Then check out the stream and follow it to get notified when it goes live! LINK: 🤍 Join our steam group: 🤍 Join the DISCORD and come hang out! LINK: 🤍

KFMod - The Zeds of KFMod 1.0


More frequent videos now that it's summer. Expect the next one soon, explaining an outed hint in the retail version of Killing Floor.

How does KFMod hold up in 2023?


#kf #kf2 #pcgaming #pcmodding #playstation #xbox #pcgamingshow How does KFMod hold up in 2023? As we're still celebrating the reveal of Killing Floor 3, we thought we'd go back to the beginning and check out the original 2.xx mod that was created for Unreal Tournament 2004. Playing this and then the retail version really highlighted how janky it was, but also how it paved the way for the franchise to sell millions of units across multiple platforms. Then of course we have the 3rd game on the way. We cannot wait!! Links and info on the mod: A fan patch for KFMod that include cut content, improvements as well as some bug fixes. The first fan patch to come out of the many that will be coming soon. Here's a copy paste of the readme included within the rar: Killing Floor Ver. 2.5.3 1.2 Changelog: - New main menu screen - Minor improvements to zed hitboxes - 2 new perks have been implemented, Firebug and the Sergeant! Important note: Perks initial statistics have not been changed, meaning that they may be completely unbalanced and will be changed in a future patch. - Changed Sharpshooters requirement text to clarify that Ranged Weapons(Winchester, Crossbow) must be used. - Handcannon is now in Slot 2 for weapon selection - Bullpup is now in Slot 3 for weapon selection - Weapon priority has been changed to the following: - Crawler no longer randomly spins around in a circle and will face the player it is targetting - Lewis's class portrait is now in black & white to fit along with the other portraits - Handcannon aimerror/spread changed to 0 - Changed enemy squads to reduce siren, bloat and fleshpound spam - Added Gunpound to a single monster squad - Gunpound now shoots in long bursts, similar to the Patriarch 1.3 Notes and credits I want to thank Gregs for providing me with version 2.51(check out his website RageQuitters) as well as Alex Quick for making this awesome mod. I can faithfully say a version 2.54 will eventually be released with some more changes, some possible specimen variants, improved map pathing, perk changes and a whole lot more after I come back. For now, hopefully you can enjoy this small patch. Now get on that Killing Floor and show those zeds whose boss! 🤍

Killing Floor 3 Official Announcement Trailer | Gamescom ONL 2023


Killing Floor 3 is the next installment in the legendary action/horror series. This intense FPS puts you in the boots of a Nightfall specialist joining forces with up to five teammates to battle waves of Zeds, earn dosh, unlock skills, and build the ultimate arsenal.

(Killing Floor Mod 2.53) Sewers - Normal (3P)


1.0 Sewers on 2.53, still a nightmare just like 1.0. Small spacing so dodging zeds is very hard, making the Support perk the best one in this map.

Unused KFMod Scrake/Fleshpound Blocking Behavior


Despite the code and animation being there, this feature was completely unused. The way it works is, whenever the Fleshpound takes damage, it calculates whether the shot was coming from the front. If it is, it does a check to see if it's possible to block the shot, which is determined by how much health the Fleshpound has. The lower the hp, the lower the chance to block. Then it generates a random integer between 0-5 called "BlockSlip". If the Block chance succeeds, and the BlockSlip is over 2, the zed will block when taking damage, playing their blocking animation and taking a reduced amount of damage(0.4 for Fleshpound) until said animation is finished. For some reason, I could not get this to work with Hitscan weapons, despite it doing so in the Mod. Additional Notes: I tweaked the Scrake's code to reduce the damage further since he'd rage way too easily. This was done on the test map to display damage values which you are able to see in the bottom left corner.

Killing Floor 1.0 Mod - Story Mode Full Play-through No Commentary


I wanted to make a full-game video of the Killing Floor 1.0 mod, because I couldn't find any videos on youtube that were high-quality, uninterrupted and didn't have somebody talking over the video. I only got to play this mod recently and it was a special treat for me, because back in my early 20s when an ex of mine introduced me to the mod, it was already at it's 2.5 release and I couldn't find anything but screenshots of the much grungier original version of the mod. But very recently I stumbled upon a copy of this on moddb.com! It's not without its problems but I love the filthy and creepy environments and the survival-horror style story mode. The combat can be a bit awkward but also very satisfying for most weapons (especially the axe!) I also find it neat that the mod features physics on its scenery objects, something that didn't appear in retail Killing Floor until the second game! And of course, the music is superb as it is made by the very talented zYnthetic. I used god mode for most of the levels on this video, because there's several parts of the game where I tend to get myself cornered and die, which I feel would just make for a sloppy video recording. Enjoy, or don't! Just be cool to others! September 2023 Update Since someone asked where they can download this in the comments, here is what I believe to be the version I used for recording this video. 🤍

The History of The Killing Floor Unreal Tournament 2004 Mod


The complete history of KFMod for UT2004! Well, most of it is funfacts and KFMod 1.0 gameplay... oops... Oh well! Hope you enjoy the video! Errr.... all 40 minutes of it... Also, I was sick while recording, so excuse my gross hideous voice for now. 🤍 KFMod 1.0 Story Mode Playthrough The Iron Bloke and TheEngineerTRC have some pretty good KFMod playthroughs aswell! 🤍 🤍 🤍 Downloads : 🤍 -KFMod 1.0 DEMO 🤍 - KFMod 1.0 🤍 - KFMod 2.0 🤍 - KFMod 2.5.2 How-To: Install. Inside one of these versions, you'll find a .BAT file. 🤍 Follow these instructions, and it SHOULD work. Remember to have Unreal Tournament 2004 installed. Drag the KFMod folder into where you have UT2004 installed. Example:D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Unreal Tournament 2004\KFMod20 Music in order: Zynthetic - Outbreak Zynthetic - Insect (KFmod Version) Cherubim - Constant Conquest Cherubim - Power Fantasy Cherubim - Red Sucker Alias Conrad Coldwood - Soft Breeze Mogeko's Castle OST Groundbreaking - Soul

KFMod 1.0 - Training Level


Killing Floor 2 | The PvP Boss Experience | Vs Survival is Underrated


The kf2 vs survival game mode can be real fun at times only if it had enough servers & players & with tripwire making some balances and fixes it would be gold. But at current state some aspects of this mode really breaks the game for majority of players. THANKS FOR WATCHING..MAKE SURE TO HIT LIKE & SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL HERE.. 🤍

Killing Floor - Specimen Voices from the Mod


In the interests of a complete historical archive, this is a montage of quotes and voices of the specimens from the original versions of Killing Floor back when it was still an Unreal Tournament 2004 modification. Included here are the sounds from versions 1.0 (released August 31, 2005), 2.0 (August 6, 2006), 2.5 (July 6, 2008), as well as the unfinished 2.51 and some pre-retail beta lines. Images of the specimen models are also shown to provide a greater depiction of Killing Floor's audio and visual evolution over these many years. If you enable the closed captions, you'll see that I have attempted to transcribe most of these lines. Think you can decipher the missing "?" quotes? Feel something I wrote is wrong? Tell me and I'll make an update. Intro: 0:00 Clot: 0:09 Gorefast: 0:59 Bloat: 1:06 Stalker: 1:25 Crawler: 1:39 Siren: 1:45 Scrake: 2:05 Fleshpound: 2:31 Patriarch: 3:05 Other Killing Floor quotes videos: Twisted Christmas Specimens - 🤍 Summer Sideshow Specimens - 🤍 Hillbilly Horror Specimens - 🤍 New Patriarch Lines - 🤍 Female Player Voice - 🤍 Third Male Player Voice - 🤍 D.A.R. Player Voice - 🤍 Reggie the Rocker Voice - 🤍 GLaDOS Trader - 🤍 Old Mod Specimens - (You Are Here) Killing Floor 2 Quotes: 🤍

Killing Floor 1.0 Demo (Mod) - Gameplay


Gameplay footage from the very first public release of the UT2k4 mod version of Killing Floor, released on April 8, 2005. This demo included one singleplayer map (KF-BioticsLab), four weapons (one secret, the LAW), and five specimens. You can see prototypes of the Clot, the Stalker, the Gorefast, and the Fleshpound, along with a lost specimen type known as the Wretch. For reference purposes: 🤍 🤍 🤍

Killing Floor Mod: West London Gameplay


Some gameplay from the orginal KF mod for UT2004. This is version 2.52 and the difficulty is set to normal. This is one of my better runs on WestLondon. I got pretty far but the FP finally does me in =( Sorry for the occasional frame stutters in this vid. As I said before, FRAPS has been bad lately.

KFMod in Killing Floor 1


My work-in-progress attempt at recreating KFMod on my Killing Floor 1 server. Server IP. KFMod 2.52 Community. 🤍 Killing Floor 1 and 2 Community. 🤍 All credit is reserved for the original creators of the mutators and maps used, and a big thanks to Mortimer. More info can be found here; 🤍

KFMod 2.51 - Unfinished Singleplayer/Objective based maps


In this video, we take a look at the unfinished maps, SP-Crash & SP-Training for KFMod 2.51.

KFMOD 3.0 Manor (Killing Floor @ KF-2008Manor / HoE / Solo / Commando)


This is a project I've been working on for the most part of the last seven or so months. While I originally gave up halfway through given numerous crashes were taking place, my interest in doing this piqued when the lazy cheapskates over at Epic Games decided to kill the UT2004 master servers, effectively killing KFMOD off for good (unless you edit the .ini and connect to Miasma's custom master servers, but still). Hence, this is how my passion for this project was reignited and I am finally proud to announce a server that I wish to call "KFMOD 3.0". KFMOD 3.0 is a personal project that you might call an "amalgamation" of several mods/mutators placed one on top of each other. To put it shortly, it attempts to recreate the KFMOD 2.5 experience on the KF1 engine through several game-altering mods/mutators such as: - PooSH's ScrN which greatly helps when it comes to adding custom ZEDs, weapons, and editing squads/waves (this way I was able to fully recreate the "wave" system from KFMOD 2.5 by adding an initial trader, making it 9 waves, and causing the final wave and the Patriarch fight to be just one long wave that seamingly transitions into wave 10; as well as allowing me to fully "copy" and "paste" the squads from 2.5 (albeit with some minor alterations) - BeavisOfArabia/TheEngineerTRC's KFOldSchoolZEDs which brings back all the enemies/ZEDs from KFMOD 2.5 plus the unused Chaingunner, as well as an extra but just as deadly ZED called "Explosion Pound - An ancient and outdated mutator that I manually fixed (with the help of NikC-) which allows players to start with and use the KFMOD 2.5 weapons - A curated selection of maps that were either made for KFMOD then ported to KF1, inspired by existing KFMOD maps, or that I personally ported from said mod There's still plenty of work to be done, such as adding the missing "2008" versions of WestLondon and Offices, but my mapping skills are very limited and I still don't know how to efficiently port those. In the meantime, you can enjoy this project of mine over at: matandopiso.kf.chickenkiller.com:7807 (open the console in game and type "open" followed by the aforementioned address, or simply add this server to your favorites by right clicking on the Favorites tab and pasting the address) We also have a discord! 🤍

Killing Floor 1: Still alive


How to Install and Play Original Killing Floor Mod 2.5 ➤ Featuring Broken Microphone!


Today's video is on how to install, setup, and play the original Killing Floor mod! Sorry about the audio quality, something went horribly wrong! Links to mod DL below! Link to the Mod Page: 🤍 _ Want to support the channel further? Check out my Patreon! Patreon: 🤍 _ My Twitch Channel - 🤍 The AFCA Discord - 🤍 Follow me on the Blue Bird website: 🤍 Join the Steam Group for updates when each video is released + occasional Steam Game giveaways! - 🤍

KFMod 1.0 - West London - Godlike Difficulty


The easiest version of KFMod on the highest difficulty is still way too easy. Tried to use different weapons this time around instead of sticking to the LAW spam(which is the easiest way to win the game, spamming infected spawn points or groups of them while staying near a weapon locker to resupply). This version is the most bare bones of them all, very mundane to play unless if you're playing Offices and comboing zeds with multiple weapons - kinda like that new Doom game. Some notes: * The LAR and Crossbow are the only weapons that deal bonus headshot damage(and aren't used in this video sadly)! * The Fleshpound and Bloat models are positioned lower/in the ground, only popping out once they attack the player! * There are 2 invisible red cars in this map! * All melee weapons can hit multiple zeds if you move while attacking! * Zeds can be flinch-locked by certain weapons if you hit them as they jump or as they're doing an attack(with exception of the Fleshpound and Bloat, which are not stunnable)! * Zeds cannot be decapitated or gibbed!

KFMod 2.5 Hitbox Improvements, Crawler change and Gameplay


Scrake, Fleshpounds and Sirens have durable heads. They need to be at a certain HP before they can be decapitated. Crossbow has a 6/7 headshot damage multiplier and it only multiplies the damage if it decapitates the head. Basically, damage the Scrake/FP with other weapons then finish them off with a crossbow for massive damage. The Winchester is a bugged weapon in itself.

Kfmod: Defeating the Masterson Clone Legitimately


Every single video I saw had the player turn on god mode or spawn extra l.a.w ammo, not here, managed to beat the bastard after several tries, make sure to not get hit by the 2 gorefasts and 1 fleshpound you fight before him, crossbow and armor are your best friend, killing floor moment

Killing Floor Mod 1.0 Final Boss and Ending


So basically I had to have God Mode enabled much like AFarCryAway and Pathfinder mainly because you can easily get killed in this mod version making it quite annoying. But otherwise, I finally have beaten this! Buy Unreal Tournament 2004 on Steam to install and play this mod. 🤍 Play the Mod yourself! 🤍 Also, check out AFarCryAway's video and of course Pathfinder's as well. 🤍 🤍 Brought to you by Dr. Squatch all Natural and Organic Soap for Men 🤍 Also brought to you by G Fuel, Best Gaming and Esports Energy Drink 🤍 This is run on Windows 10 OS on an HP 2511x Monitor with an NZXT H500 Series ATX/Mini-ITX/MicroATX Mid-Tower Case - Matte White and Nividia GeForce.

Kfmod 2.5 multiplayer in 2023



KFMod 1.0 - Melee Weapons


This is gonna be a 2 parter with ranged and explosives in the second video. Wasn't content with how slow my upload schedule is and wanted to at least upload something I've finished instead of keeping the KFMod series of videos on hold.

KFMOD 3.0 @ Aventine


Here we are once again with my good mate Tou! Go follow his channel 🤍TouhouSucksYouIdiots for more KFMOD content. This map is called "Aventine", a KFMOD-inspired abandoned "whatever" of sorts that not only plays really well, but the atmosphere and amount of detail put into it is simply remarkable. From the 1.0 lore written on the walls in one of the traders to the elevator music in the purple room, this map is simply fantastic. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone! It's hard as nuts though, mind you. Server address: matandopiso.kf.chickenkiller.com:7807 Join us over at Discord: 🤍



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